• Have the Garden setup principles been followed:<br>a) Clear walkways<br>b) Lakes, Trees, Mountains<br>c) Top peg positioned at the same height throughout the dept<br>d) All products clearly priced<br>e) Adjacencies correct, especially Propagation adjacent to Ferts&Chems

  • Is Propogation adjacent to Seed potatoes / Seeds and Summer Flowering bulbs?

  • Is the "Greener Gardening" display set up on the Project for the Weekend end?

  • Are the correx display veg set up in the Veg Trug?

  • Is the "Growbag Watered Tomato display set up to promote the products?

  • Are the Kitchen Garden Watering Kits set up in line with the Centre grade?

  • Has artificial grass been used for Garden Machinery display and the Raised bed display?

  • Do all compost lines have "4 for 3" promo stickers on the compost boards?

  • Has the 'Wall of Newness' been set up near your main Horti entrance? If not set up has a location been agreed?

  • Has the 'Cheer up your front door' been set up near your main Horti entrance? If not set up has a location been agreed?

  • Have the Bedding Ends been set up under the canopy? If not set up has a location been agreed?

Bedding Canopy

  • Have the Bedding Canopy layout principle been followed with four clear zones?<br>a) Primroses<br>b) Pansies<br>c) Violas<br>d) Potted bulbs

Bedding Canopy Horti VM principles

  • Centre section raised to create height and depth to display, this should be mirrored all the way down to create a sight line.

  • Area merchandised with varieties in blocks as per module?

  • Height and interest created using plant pots and hanging baskets as props and link sale lines

  • Hanging POS supplied is straight and unobstructed?

  • Plant labels forward facing so easy for customers?


  • Are HNS Bed ends set up and in the correct position?

  • Have all the Garden Solutions benches been setup as main feature of A-Z shrubs with POS. If not set up, has a location been agreed?

  • Is ‘the Rockery’ set up and relevant products merchandised (alpines, heathers, small conifers). If not yet set up, has the location been identified?

Outdoor Living

  • Does the Garden Furniture layout follow the principles shown in the model plan? 3 clear themes and correct sets within each theme.

  • Has the outdoor living area been set up with banners, frames and cross merchandising tables in place?

  • Take home furniture - have the bistro sets been set up on the 2 tiered plinths?

  • Take home furniture- is the boxed stock for customer pick up adjacent to the visual display line and sat behind the low level hedging?

  • Are BBQs set up to module?

Indoor Leisure

  • Have Gifts, Home, floristry and fashion been combined to create one Gifting area?

  • Is the Morris & Co. range the main feature of Gifting and sat on a table?

  • Cook & Dine: is the Apple Farm range the main feature?

  • Cook & Dine - has the rustic table been set up as per module?

  • Food - has Cottage Delight been set up in pyramid formation and the top shelves been delivered as per module?

  • Food - have crates been set up in the wall bays in drinks (as per module)?

  • Kids - have the new branded marketing headers been installed?


  • Across indoor areas are all products clearly priced and ticketed?

  • On all wall shelves, are shelf edge ticket strips in use?


  • External seating areas are clean and planted up to be visually appealing. Where Neptune chairs are present (wooden slatted), the chairs are double cable tied to prevent collapse.

  • Allergens:<br>a) If post 20th March, recipe files are up to date. A full new set of recipes was issued with Spring so all previous files can be discarded. Teams should only retain old recipe if they have old stock they are using up.<br>b) the allergen file by the till is up to date with correct versions: is the allergens tracker form in use to ensure the correct page references?<br>c) all colleagues have completed their allergen part 1 E-learning module

  • Mother’s Day and B&T with Bunny events effectively promoted through the Centre in line with the POS merchandising guide.

  • Team training & tasting on Spring menu either planned for or in progress

  • Team can explain their plans for selling through delisted ingredients

  • Counters are well merchandised and full, with correct number of round cakes by tier.

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