1 - Critical Items
a) Equipment

Is Matrix/Precor equipment installed?

Is BLK Box Functional Zone installed?

Is Jordan equipment installed?

Is all in-use equipment spaced =>2m?

b) Health & Safety

All Pure Safety filing system (folders 1-5) setup as per key?

Has compliance certification (Water chlorination, Lift Commissioning (or LOLER on retained lifts), Gas Commissioning, Electricity Commissioning, Fire Alarm Installation, Asbestos Report/LL report stating none onsite) been handed over in hard copy?

Fire extinguishers in place and labelled up, inventory completed for File 2?

Are red fire call points numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. and inventory completed for File 2?

Are all fire exits completely clear, and inventory of fire exits completed for File 2?

Tannoy working - internal and external - and can be heard over the fire alarm when sounding?

Fire alarm tested and mag locks release, signal received by Custodian?

Has the Gym team been demo'd operation of the fire panel?

Is fire alarm panel standalone or linked in?

Fire exit directional signage adequately displayed?

Is health & safety signage displayed? To include "In the event of fire do not use this lift" stickers on the doors at all levels (if applicable)

Attention for Emergency Services sheet completed and in red fire box, along with copy of fire evac plan?

Unmanned announcements have been scheduled to play at club during unmanned scheduled times (This is through Mood Media or Cloud Casting)?

Defib and spare pads onsite?

First aid station and ice packs onsite and available?

Health & Safety poster, Jelf PLI certificate, Barbican ELI certificate, H&S Policy statement and Incident Report Procedure displayed in the break room?

Fire exit plan, fire evacuation procedure and VRT displayed in break room?

DDA Shower/Toilet emergency pull cords working, signal sent to pagers and tannoy activated?

Disabled refuge phones working, if applicable?

Help points working, connecting, and labelled up with emergency number?

Pagers working and set up?

Plant room free from combustibles?

Has the GM completed all the necessary P-File checks in accordance with the Safe & Legal Audit?

c) Operational Setup

Cleaning supplies and machines delivered to site?

All member facing areas are clean and gym floor is reset, ready for opening?

Operational issues highlighted and passed onto relevant department (e.g. landscaping/high level clean).

Has a walkaround with the gym team being completed to demo the fire alarm, HVAC, extraction systems, and any other operational functions?

Nomical WiFi working?

Is the TrainSafe setup complete and audit distributed?

Is the RM Covid-19 business cert signed and displayed?

d) Access & Security

Are main front doors working on all settings?

Are external door mag locks set and working?

DDA swing door working on all settings, if applicable?

Pods/Speedgates working?

Member pins active and working?

e) Construction, Mechanical & Electrical

Did the site PC and handover on scheduled date, along with handover of the O&M Manual?

Is the ventilation and extraction live and working on opening?

Have fire call-point reset keys and mag-lock reset keys been left onsite?

Has there been a constant water supply throughout the install?

Has there been constant power during the install? Detail any power outages.

Has there been a constant gas supply during the install, if applicable?

Is the lift operational, if applicable?

Has a check of the cameras been made against the Brand Standards document and any issues raised with supplier?

f) Design

External signage installed?

2 - Non-Critical Items
a) Equipment

Is the equipment laid out as per the CAD plan, unless there is an opportunity to optimise?

All equipment snags completed 72 hours after identified?

Has all required equipment been bolted down (squat rack(s), smith machine(s), functional trainers, cable crossover(s), 5-stack, barbell holder)?

b) Health & Safety

Fire exit plans sent to content team and uploaded to website?

Fire alarm zone map displayed next to fire panel in foyer?

Isolation points tagged (gas, water, electricity)?

Unmanned poster and stand on site and ready to be displayed?

Is the lift auto-dialler operational and connects?

c) Operational Setup

Defib cabinet on wall, alarm system set up, and can be seen on CCTV?

First aid kit installed on wall in break room?

Clocks up in various locations?

Hooks up in break room?

Toilet roll holders, soap dispenser and anti-bacterial dispenser installed?

All consumables stocked?

Keys and cabinet in comms room?

Red fire box on wall in entrance lobby?

Is external key box installed if club is non-24/7?

Has the safe been installed in comms room?

Stationery order delivered to site and stored away in filing cabinet?

Back of house areas tidy?

Vending machines and Yanga (if applicable) installed, stocked up, correct planogram and prices set, card readers working?

Have the cleaning hours been fulfilled during install week?

Have all the cleaning contractor responsibilities been fulfilled? To include recruitment of staff, training, p-files (online first aid cert is only valid for a new cleaner for the first week- please check this), and staff in correct uniform.

Atlas or Otium liability insurance certificate in date, loss of comms patrol sheets, Incident Reporting Procedure, daily checksheets and sign in book displayed in cleaning cupboard?

Have the sanitary bins, sharp bin, air fresheners, bolt cutters and external bin been delivered to site?

All GM/AGM and PT/FC profiles up and displayed, and any empty slots filled with marketing posters?

Group Exercise timetable printed and placed up on 'Timetable' board, empty slots filled with marketing?

All belly posters and clip frames filled?

Daily check sheets placed up in changing rooms and for gym floor reset?

Felt board(s) on the wall in the break room?

Is the comms room access poster, equipment reporting guide and cleaning escalation process (Atlas or Otium) displayed in break room?

Photo to support felt board display.

Equipment maintenance check sheet, open/close check sheet, cleaning rota, and clipboard set up for class registers displayed in break room?

Is fitness testing equipment set up and health assessment posters displayed in Assessment Room?

Can the music be heard in all areas of the gym, including the entrance lobby?

Head mics and music working for Cycle, Studio and Functional areas?

Has the expiry date been written on the stability balls?

Is the member O2 WiFi working?

d) Access & Security

Are internal door mag locks set and working?

Door keypads all set to specific codes?

Is the CCTV working and loaded on managers PC's, and managers have been shown how to operate?

e) Construction, Mechanical & Electrical

Front fascia free from construction, clean, and in good order?

All decorations completed in all areas of the gym and entrance lobby?

Has the breakfast bar and managers podium been hard wired in and stools placed around? Welcome sign installed on front of podium?

Are the water font(s) working?

f) Design

External signage illuminated?

Internal signage installed?

Internal signage not hidden behind equipment?

Adequate way-finding signage installed?

Zonal signs correctly applied, as per guidelines?

Internal lighting sufficient and satisfactory in all areas?

3 - Handover Notes


Assigned To

Relevant Photo
4 - Post-opening Follow Up Support
Date booked for follow up visit or call by SDM:
5 - Photos of Club
Add media
Report Sign Off
Regional Manager/Cluster Manager
Scheme Development Manager

Outstanding Actions by Opening Day

Please see "PureGym Action list" via link for live snagging and variations list

Snagging Items




Maintenance Guidance

O&M Manual

Contains all your Operational and Maintenance instruction, and should also be checked for compliance certification if you are missing anything.

Rianni Boiler Reset

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HVAC and Boiler - Quick Check

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DDA Swing Door and Bi-Fold Doors

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