Vehicle Details

  • Is this a company vehicle ?

  • Vehicle Manufacturer

  • Vehicle Model

  • Vehicle Registration

  • Vehicle Mileage

  • Road Tax Expiry Date

Vehicle Checks - FLOWERY

  • Fuel Level

  • Parking Lights

  • Dipped Beam

  • Full Beam

  • Tail Lights

  • Brake Lights

  • Front Fog Lights

  • Rear Fog Lights

  • Oil Level

  • Water Levels - Engine Coolant

  • Water Levels - Windscreen Washers - Front & Rear

  • Tyres - Tread, Pressure & Safe Condition

  • Electrical System - Wipers, Demisters, Instrument Panel, Heaters Etc Etc

  • Any Current Medical Requirements or Medication

Cockpit Check

  • Licence checked, valid & current

  • Eyesight Checked

  • Handbrake Checked

  • Seating Position

  • Locate seatbelt, Secure & Release

  • Mirrors - Interior & Side Mirrors, Set Up & Clean

  • Vehicle Glass -Free From Chips & Cracks

Vehicle operations

  • Accelerator

  • Gears

  • Clutch

  • Steering

  • Braking

  • Road position

Hazard Awareness

  • Observations & Forward Planning

  • Shoulder checks

  • Mirrors

  • Signalling

  • Traffic hazard

  • Judgment

  • Safety margins

  • Progress

  • Road Signs, Road Markings

  • Traffic Controllers


  • Minor Speeding - up to 3mph variance

  • Major speeding -over 3mph variance


  • Hill start

  • Reverse exercise

  • Uncouple- Recouple Exercise - Towing Only

  • Traffic Lights

  • Roundabouts

Final comments

  • Drive Adequate ?

  • Assessor Comments & Recommendations

  • Student Signature: By signing this from you declare that you have completed your lesson and have received useful feedback from the assessor on the outcome

  • Trainers Signature: By signing this form you are certifying that the vehicle is road worthy to the limits of the inspection, and all checks were carried out as per the inspection checklist.

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