Pre Audit

Check recent AskNicely or Google feedback. List 2 areas of opportunity

Check cleaning audits have been completed weekly

Check the CM monthly walk through been completed

Take a photo of your Service Now outstanding items


Car Park/Outdoors

Are external areas (car park& entrance) clean? Are there any lights out?

Brand Signage visible and in good condition

Where applicable, bikes positioned correctly on racks

Are the gardens and surrounding area of the club well maintained and presented?

If applicable are Promos on display? (A frame/window signage)

Are operating hours visible on the front door? Correct in google?

24.7 Security

Is kubofit digital pass working outside the front door for 24/7 usage?

Is a physical 'Club Closed' sign accessible?



Did the team greet everyone by name and make them feel welcome? If on the phone did they acknowledge the member by eye contact?

Is the reception counter visibly tidy - no clutter.

Staff are not eating or distracted on mobile phone - no visible food or drink bottles. No drinks stored near IT equipment

Is the retail area stocked well, neatly displayed and free of dust?

Are the drinks fridges neatly displayed according to planogram, well stocked, are all pricing tags up

Are the F&B areas clean, are the fridges without staff food in them, stock not expired?

Are current F&B promo visible and all associated collateral on display

Are the staff acknowledging people as they leave - at least eye contact, a smile, preferably a positive statement.

Are staff swiping all Member's as thy enter the club, are they using QR codes

Are staff aware of ALL clubs promo's? Test1 staff member about a current promotion (add question in note)


Member Lounge

Notice boards in club are up to date
- Uncluttered
- Only relevant club info
- Notices/posters only to be on notice boards or clip frames

Is the member lounge area welcoming, bright, clean and are there no staff lounging around?

Staff rooms/Offices

Notice boards in staff room/offices are up to date
- Uncluttered
- Only relevant club info
- Notices/posters only to be on notice boards or clip frames

Staff kitchen clean and free from clutter, rubbish, foods and dirty dishes. Fridge and microwave clean.

Staff offices clean and free from clutter, rubbish

Please add photo of office cleanliness

Lost property not excessive (taken to charity once a month)

PT belongings stored away in lockers or out of way



Current FLG Childminding pricing & service operating hours displayed

Notice Board - free from clutter and free from any unauthorised materials

Is Childminding clean and tidy? Are toys not is use stored appropriately.

Toys, arts/crafts/activity tools in good condition

Gym Floor & Ladies Only Area If applicable

Is the gym floor clean? Is functional equipment/dumbbells/weight plates stored correctly? No unused equipment left on the floor?

Check 5 pieces of cardio equipment - are they in good working order?

All equipment that is OUT OF ORDER has signage & been logged in Service Now?

Group X

Equipment & mats stacked neatly? In good condition? Is there enough equipment available?

Are the bikes in spin room in good working order, if not is logged in Service Now and out of order sign/s visible



Check 5 lockers - do they each have a hanger? (NA Goodlife)

Swimming Pools/Spa

Pool aqua equipment tidy, in good condition and stored away when not in use

Pool gate in good condition

Relaxation zone

Music (If applicable) at appropriate level

Safety/etiquette signs present

Sauna operational - temperature OK. If not operational has a ServiceNow ticket been raised?

Monsoon shower operational

Steam room operational - temperature OK. If not operational has a ServiceNow ticket been raised?

Inspection - Overall


Marketing using appropriate and up to date collateral. No expired promos or magazines etc

Branding and directional signage well presented and on brand. Logos and posters all on brand and all up to date?

Collateral not photocopied - no faded ink, no crinkles and not crooked. Clip frames used for posters, laminated if applicable

Is the club free of unapproved third party advertising.

Digital marketing materials and timetable visible & operational


Is the air conditioning working in all sections of the club? Is it cooling the air adequately?

Clocks - showing correct time and in good condition

Walls and ceilings clean no chips, marks

Lights working (no dark areas) Any lights out logged in Service Now

Are all staff (including PT's) wearing a name badge, the correct uniform and neatly presented?

Are staff acting in a professional manner and engaging with members appropriately (no inappropriate dialogue)

Digi screens working. TV screens working and showing appropriate content

Music at safe and pleasant level

Rubbish bins are emptied and not dirty or overflowing

Furniture (bathrooms/pool/members lounge etc) in good condition and clearn

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.