Driver name

DOT inspection book/ Log book

  • XRS login complete?

  • DVIR complete and up to date?

  • Spill kits, accident kit, fire extinguisher,warning triangles

Driver appearance and personal safety

  • Proper uniform worn?

  • Wearing steel toe shoes?

  • Stretches at or before first stop, stretches routinely during shift?

  • PPE used ( gloves, safety cutter)?

Driving Habits

  • Follows driving laws and regulations?

  • Driver refrains from using phone/ texting while driving?

  • Maintains appropriate speed?

  • Maintains proper lane discipline and makes safe lane changes?

  • Maintains appropriate following distance?

  • Driver refrains from eating, drinking, smoking.

  • Courteous and defensive driving techniques?

Parking habits

  • Selects parking to ensure no backing?

  • Parks in designated parking area and does not block handicap bays?

  • Uses safety cones?

  • Truck locked/ bay doors down/ rear door down?

Lift gate safety

  • Mounts/dismounts lift gate safely ( lift gate all the way down, uses safety cones as necessary)

  • Uses safety flap?

  • Does not overload the lift gate?

Pallet jack safety

  • Operates pallet jack safely ( horn, walking to the side, load stable)

  • Positions pallet jack to minimize obstruction?

  • Empty pallets, shrink wrap, trash not creating obstruction or hazard?

Product delivery

  • Down stacks to minimize obstruction?

  • Uses safe lifting techniques (MoveSmart)

Rainy Conditions

  • Is the pallet shrink wrapped including the top to prevent cases from getting wet?

  • Is the driver operating the vehicle in a safe manner based on current conditions?

Hand truck use

  • Safely utilizes hand truck?

  • Clears a path to cooler and inside cooler before moving product?

  • Safely handles kegs?

Truck appearance

  • Cab and trailer are clean?

  • Pallets are separated by category, size and condition?

  • Equipment stowed safely?

Customer service

  • Accounts properly communicated with?

  • Customer concerns properly addressed, sales department contacted if necessary?

  • Driver comments

  • Supervisor signature

  • Supervisor notes

  • Driver signature

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