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  • Personnel

Food Premises Details

  • Trading Name

  • Proprietor/Company

  • Contact Number

  • Email

  • Food Safety Supervisor

  • FSS Certificate

  • Risk category

Inspection details

  • Inspection start

  • Inspection end

  • Type of inspection

General Requirements

  • Items marked 'NO' indicate matters which require rectification

  • Food business has notified NSW Food Authority

  • Food Safety Supervisor has been notified and NSWFA FSS certificate is on the premises<br>

  • Food handlers have skills and knowledge to handle food safely (CRITICAL)

Food Handling Controls FSC 3.2.2 cl 5-12

  • Food protected from the possibility of contamination; food receipt, storage, display and transport (CRITICAL)

  • Names and addresses are available for manufacturer, supplier or importer of food

  • Potentially Hazardous Food (perishable items e.g. Meat, seafood, dairy etc) is under temperature control: food receipt, storage, display and transport - less than 5'C or above 60'C. Frozen food frozen solid (CRITICAL)

  • Processing of food; items thawed correctly; processed quickly; no contamination risk (CRITICAL)

  • Cooked PHF is heated/cooled rapidly (CRITICAL)

  • Self-service food bar is supervised, has separate utensils and sneeze guards

  • Food wraps and containers will not cause contamination

  • Food for disposal is identified and separated from normal stock

Health and Hygiene FSC 3.2.2 cl 13-18

  • Food handlers wash and dry hands thoroughly using hand wash facilities (CRITICAL)

  • Food handlers avoid unnecessary contact with ready to eat food or food contact surfaces by use of utensils, gloves etc.

  • Food handlers do not spit or smoke in food handling areas or eat over exposed food or food contact surfaces (CRITICAL)

  • Food handlers have clean clothing, waterproof coverings on bandages

  • Food handlers wash hands before commencing/recommencing handling food after: using the toilet, coughing, sneezing, smoking, handling raw meat, cleaning etc. (CRITCAL)

  • Staff do not handle food if unwell (CRITICAL)

  • Hand washing facilities are easily accessible and used solely for the purpose of washing hands, arms and face

  • Hand washing facilities (including those at toilets) are provided with a supply of warm running water through a single spout, liquid soap and single-use paper towels (CRITICAL)

Cleaning and Sanitising FSC 3.2.2 cl 19-20

  • Premises, fixtures, fittings and equipment maintained to an appropriate standard of cleanliness (CRITICAL)

  • Food contact surfaces, eating and drinking utensils in a clean and satisfactory condition/appropriate sanitizing method in use (CRITICAL)

Miscellaneous FSC 3.2.2 Cl 22-23

  • Accurate temperature measuring device readily accessible (digital probe thermometer) accurate to +/- 1'C

  • Single use items protected from contamination and not reused (e.g. Drinking straws, disposables utensils etc)

Animals and Pests FSC 3.2.2 cl 24

  • Live animals not permitted in areas where food is handled

  • Practical pest exclusion measures used (e.g. Screens, doorseals)

  • Practical measures to eradicate and prevent the harbourage of pests used (e.g. Housekeeping, stock rotation, pest control etc)

  • No sign of insect infestation or rodent activity in the premises (CRITICAL)

Design and Construction FSC 3.2.3

  • General design and construction of the premises appropriate

  • Adequate supply of potable water available

  • Premises has appropriate sewerage and waste water disposal system

  • Premises has adequate storage facilities for garbage and recyclable matter

  • Premises has sufficient lighting

  • Floors are able to be effectively cleaned

  • Walls and ceilings are sealed and able to be effectively cleaned

  • Fittings, fixtures and equipment are able to be effectively cleaned and, if necessary, sanitised

  • Adequate ventilation provided within the premises

  • Premises has adequate and separate storage facilities (e.g. Chemicals, personal belongings etc)

Maintenance FSC 3.2.2 cl 21

  • Premises, fittings, fixtures and equipment in a good state of repair and working order

  • No chipped, broken or cracked eating or drinking utensils observed

Labelling FSC Chapter 1

  • Food labelling complies with Food Standards Code

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Hurstville City Council - Contact Details

  • Address: Civic Centre, MacMahon Street, HURSTVILLE NSW 2220 Post: PO BOX 205, HURSTVILLE BC NSW 1481 Website: email: Telephone: (02) 9330 6222 Fax: (02) 9330 6223

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