Facility Structure

  • 1. Are the ceilings free of flaking paint, cracks, excessive soils, holes, unsealed openings, water damage, leaks, loose caulking, missing panels?

  • 2. Are the floors free of cracks, exposed aggregate, holes, broken areas, standing water? Are they smooth and easy to clean?

  • 3. Are overhead surfaces (pipes, condensers, ceilings), free of dust, mold, rust, peeling paint, leakage?

  • 4. Are floor/wall junctions properly sealed with no loose or missing caulking? Is there flaking paint on the coving? Is the coving clean and free of mold?

  • 5. Are there cracks/crevices in the wall which could harbor pests, water, debris? Are wall clean, free of mold, rust, condensation, flaking paint? Are there exposed rusty nails, screws, staples, bolts?

  • 6. Is pipe insulation intact, clean & free of mold?

  • 7. Are floor drains clean & functioning properly? Are drain covers easily removable?

  • 8. Do all lights have protective coverings which are clean, intact, & free of moisture?

  • 9. Are all water lines protected against backflow or siphonage?

  • 10. Are there any leaking water sources or sink drains?

  • 11. Are fans, vents, cooling units clean & in good repair?

  • 12. Are exterior doors properly sealed & in good repair?

  • 14. Do all areas have adequate lighting?

Temperature & Environment

  • 16. Are pest traps present & free of damage on both sides of exterior doors?

  • 17. Are ILTs properly placed & functioning? Are glue boards changed regularly?

  • 18. Is there evidence of rodents or other pests?

  • 19. Are signs & posters clean & in good repair?

Sanitary Practices

  • 24. Are tools stored in designated areas & not on top of equipment, electrical boxes, etc?

  • 25. Are zip ties of a color that would be easily visible?

  • 26. Is there any unprotected glass in the processing area?

  • 27. Is there wire, tape, cardboard or string being used as a temporary fix?

  • 28. Is any condensation present above product handling areas?

  • 29. Are floors clean of excessive debris?

  • 30. Are squeegees, mops, brushes, dustpans stored on hanging fixtures & not on floor?

  • 31. Are hoses & hose nozzles stored off the floor?

  • 35. Are all food contact surfaces being sanitized prior to use?

  • 36. Are trash cans provided, clean & well maintained?

  • 37. Are cabinets & shelving & storage racks clean & organized?

  • 38. Are non-food contact surfaces of equipment kept reasonably clean?

  • 40. Are sinks separate & properly labeled for handwashing & product wash? Are sinks being properly used as intended?

  • 41. Are all sanitizers (bottles, containers, sinks) of the proper concentration? Is a sanitizer log properly completed?

  • 42. Are wiping cloths clean & stored in sanitizer when not in use?

  • 44. Are product cooling fans clean & rust free?

  • 47. Is equipment being fully & properly cleaned between products?

  • 48. Are dishes & utensils stored in a sanitary manner to preclude contamination?

  • 49. Are food contact surfaces being maintained in a clean & sanitary manner during use?

  • 50. Are scales clean, balanced, & in good repair?

Production Equipment

  • 51. Is equipment designed & maintained to provide easy access, disassembly & reassembly for thorough cleaning, sanitizing & inspection?

  • 52. Are all pieces of equipment in good condition, rust free, free of flaking paint, sanitary, and made of food grade materials?

  • 53. Is any equipment generating excess dust, debris or spillage?

  • 55. Is there any wooden equipment or surfaces being used (other than those allowed)?

  • 56. Is there unused equipment &/or utensils cluttering work spaces?

Product & Process Control

  • 58. Are chemical properly labeled and stored away from processing area? Are MSDS available for all chemicals?

  • 64. are packaging materials & supplies properly stored to prevent contamination? Are such materials stored 6" off the floor at all times?

  • 65. Is product being kept from contacting non-product contact surfaces?

  • 66. Are check weights performed & documented? Do final product weights comply with weights listed on labels?

  • 67. Are metal detector calibrations performed as scheduled & documented properly?

  • 68. Is metal detection performed & documented properly? Are rejects handled & documented properly?

  • 69. Are finished products properly labeled? Are labels legible? Is automatic labeling equipment working properly?

  • 70. Are finished products properly covered, labeled & stored to avoid contamination? Are products stored 6" above the floor at all times?

  • 72. Are finished products containing nuts segregated from other products?

Personal Hygiene & Operational Practices

  • 73. Are employees wearing the required uniform & maintaining them in a clean & sanitary manner?

  • 74. Are non-production personnel properly dressed? Are unauthorized personnel restricted from product handling areas?

  • 75. Are employee handwash areas clean, accessible, supplied with soap, towels, nailbrushes & garbage receptacles?

  • 76. Are employees following proper handwashing procedures?

  • 77. Are employees wearing jewelry, nail polish, false fingernails, eating or chewing gum in processing areas?

  • 78. Are all bandages & open cuts properly covered?

  • 79. Are employee personal item present in production areas?

  • 80. Is eating & drinking (except water) restricted from production areas?

  • 81. Do personal water containers meet GMP requirements - nonbreakable, with secure top that precludes hand-to-mouth transfer?

  • 82. Are gloves worn when handling finished product?

  • 83. Are hand sanitizer stations present at convenient locations & properly stocked?

  • 84. Are hands & gloves being sanitized prior to handling finished products?

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