Physical location

Design and construction of food premises

  • Toilet facilities are separate from food preparation areas

  • Storage of garbage adequately contain the volume of garbage and recyclable matter, enclosed from pests.

  • Hand washing facilities meet standards and are accessible to staff.

  • Lighting provides sufficient natural or artificial light?

  • Has sufficient nature or mechanical ventilation to effectively remove fumes/smoke/steam from the premises?

  • Food preparation areas are using water from a potable source.

Floors walls and ceilings

  • Light fixtures have approved safety covers

  • Adequate lighting and ventilation provided throughout the facility

  • Exhaust ventilation filters are clean and well maintained

  • Floor surfaces are constructed in a way that it enables effective cleaning and are appropriate for the activities conducted on the premises

  • Walls surfaces are constructed in a way that it enables effective cleaning and are appropriate for the activities conducted on the premises

  • Ceilings surfaces is impervious and are constructed in a way that it enables effective cleaning and are appropriate for the activities conducted on the premises.

Fixtures fittings and equipment

  • Non-Food contact surfaces visibly clean and in good repair

  • Fixtures, fittings and equipment are adequate for the production of safe and suitable food; and fit for their intended use

  • Fixtures and fittings are designed, constructed to meet the requirements and standards to prevent food contamination and enable effective cleanliness?

Cleaning, Sanitising and Maintenance

  • Chopping boards, knives, slicers and benches cleaned IAW the food safety program?

Water and Sewage

  • Plumbing in good repair

  • All sinks drain properly. Floors drains and sink in good order

  • All sinks are fully operable with hot and cold water at each facuet

Garbage and Waste

  • Outside premises and refuse areas are clean, sanitised, illuminated by light and well maintained?

  • Bin liners are tied before being placed in outside trash bin? Bin lids are kept closed?

Sanitary Facilities

  • Toilet facilities, both public and staff are clean, well maintained and in proper working order.


  • Is there clear fire plan / exit signs etc

  • SDS register

  • Staff smoking area identified


Licence current and displayed on premises

  • Copy of previous audits

  • License of business is displayed

Previous non compliance

  • Has the business fixed all previous non compliance

Food safety program

  • Does the business have an accredited food safety program

  • When was food safety plan last updated

  • Have they self audited?

  • Are suppliers accredited and copies of certificates on site?

Temperature measuring devices

  • Thermometers cleaned and sanitised

  • Equipment is calibrated IAW food safety program?

Food recall

  • Does the business comply with food recall requirements?

Pest Control

  • Log books used correctly for pest control

  • Adequate protection against the entrance of insects, vermin, rodents, dust and fumes.

Supporting elements

  • Pest control registers current and logged

  • A visual inspection of the premises identifies no evidence of pests, rodents or animals?

Food Specific

Food packaging and transportation

  • Is food transported to protect from contamination and kept at the correct temperature?

  • Is food packaged to protect from contamination?

Food receival area

  • Refrigerated food arriving at correct temperature

  • Frozen food arriving at correct temperature

  • Is food protected from contamination at receival and is potentially hazardous food accepted at the correct temperature?

  • Temperature logs maintained

  • Temperature logs displayed

Food storage areas

  • Seals on cool rooms and freezers free from mould and cracks

  • Food not stored near chemicals

  • No out of date food products

  • Food not stored in any area in open containers and dated?

  • Dry store areas free from moisture with good ventilation?

  • Temperature of refrigerator and food stuffs below 5 degrees?

  • Freezer temperature is at -18 degrees

  • Temperature logs maintained

  • Temperature logs displayed

Thawing, Cooling, Reheating and Food display

  • Records are kept IAW the food safety program for reheating food?

  • Records are kept IAW the food safety program for cooling food?

  • Is food on display protected from contamination?

  • Is potentially hazardous food displayed under the correct temperature?

Food handlers

  • Employees wash their hands with soap and warm water before starting work, immediately after using washroom, anytime needed to prevent food contamination?

  • Observation of food handlers - presentable (clean uniforms), suitable personal hygiene, hairnet/headdress, food handlers gloves

  • No evidence of open wounds or illness


Additional Information

  • Comments


  • Auditor

  • Auditee

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