• Proprietor (seller)

  • Business name & address

  • Proprietor email:

  • Council Food Registration No.

  • Purchaser or Purchaser's Solicitor email:

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  • Location
  • Personnel


  • 1. Floors smooth, impervious, undamaged and clean

  • 2. Walls and ceilings - smooth, free from cracks/crevices, clean and finished in a light colour

  • 3. Walls durable and impervious where there is potential to get splashed.

  • 4. Lighting sufficient, globes enclosed with diffusers or plastic sleeves.

  • 5. Harbourage / entry of pests prevented- fly screens on windows, no gaps under doors, holes in walls / air curtains working strips in good condition.

  • 6. Gaps between equipment/fittings/fixtures and walls effectively sealed, seals in good condition.

  • 7. All equipment/shelves etc raised 150mm from the floor to allow easy cleaning underneath

  • 8. Equipment/utensils clean and stored properly

  • 9. Equipment clean, in good working order, correct temp, no rust, suitable/approved material

  • 10. Mechanical exhaust hood and filters clean and in good working order

  • It is recommended that confirmation be sought from the out-going proprietor as to when the premises' mechanical exhaust system was last serviced and frequency of servicing required including grease arresting filters, fan, ducts etc.

  • 11. Hand washing facilities provided in food preparation area, supplied with hot water, liquid soap, paper towels

  • 12. Food contact surfaces smooth, impervious and undamaged

  • 13. Food on display appropriately protected from contamination

  • 14. Food storage areas clean, appropriate shelving (smooth, impervious)

  • 15. Fridges/freezers maintaining appropriate temperatures, seals, shelving in good condition

  • 16. Waste storage area appropriate, clean and paved, adequate waste storage facilities provided

  • 17. Staff/customers toilets clean, hand basin supplied with hot & cold water/liquid soap/paper towel

  • 18. Premise in an appropriate state of cleanliness/no evidence of pests

  • 19. Premises constructed so as not to provide harbourage/entry of pests where practicable

  • 20. Adequate supply of hot water

  • 21. Storage areas supplied for chemicals and personal items

  • 22. Grease trap installed (as required)

  • It is recommended that confirmation be sought from the out-going proprietor as to when the premise's food & oil interceptor (grease trap) was pumped out and frequency of servicing required.

  • 23. Other




  • Overall Food Safety Assessment result:


  • Is a follow-up inspection required?

  • Follow-up Inspection due on:


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  • On site representative

  • Auditor's signature

  • Public Health Unit ph: 9518 3539

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