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  • Outstanding issues from previous inspection

Health & Safety

  • Are all areas of the forecourt free of trip/slip hazards?

  • Are the carriageways free of debris?

  • Are zebra crossings compliant and lighting fully operational (24 hours)?

  • Are all forecourt lights working correctly (during darkness only)?

  • Are trolleys stored safely and not causing any obstructions or hazards?

  • Are all electrical access panels secure on all lamp posts?

  • Is the help point working?

  • If any traffic management present is it compliant with street works regulation?

  • Are all areas secure and free from any security concerns?

  • If any worksites on forecourt are they secure if not operational?

  • If worksites are operational are all staff wearing correct PPE?

  • Does the site supervisor have their street works permit, method statements & risk assessment for their works?

  • Are all staff working on forecourt wearing the correct PPE?


  • Is the roadway surface safe for pedestrians & all vehicles?

  • Are the road markings clear to all road users?

  • Is the drainage system working correctly on the roadway?

  • Are any previous repairs (temp or permanent) safe & satisfactory?


Road signs

  • Is all the road signage compliant & clear to drivers?

  • Are all the road markings correct, easily seen and not faded?

  • Are all road signs free from damage, clean, compliant & illuminated (if applicable) ?

Way finding Signs

  • Are all way finding signs correct and easy to understand for passengers?

  • Are all signs clean &free from damage?


  • Are all areas presented well from the passengers perspective?

  • Please add details of any areas of concern here, this Is for items out with the normal faults process.

  • Item
  • Item of concern

  • Asset number

  • Description of issue

  • Please add a photo

  • Action required


  • Are there any FMA's on site at time of inspection?

  • Are there any TPSO's on site during the inspection?

  • Are they moving traffic on and ticketing when required?

  • Is the forecourt free from vehicles waiting to pick up?

  • Please detail how many vehicles are waiting to pick up/parked on the forecourt

  • Is the permit lane free of unauthorised vehicles?

  • Are the forecourts free of unauthorised companies operating?

  • If so please detail information here (including action taken)

  • Is the forecourt free flowing during inspection?

Faults Raised

  • Have any faults been raised?

  • Add fault details
  • Equipment Description

  • Asset number

  • Description of fault

  • Fault number

  • Add fault photograph here

  • Please detail any further comments here.

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