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1.0 - Previous inspection

  • 1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - Are there no outstanding actions?

2.0 - Helmet

  • 2.1 - Helmet is of high visibility colour? (day glo yellow or orange)

  • 2.2 - Helmet has no signs of damage? (Cracks, signs of deterioration)

  • 2.3 - Helmet issue date is within 2 years of current date? Helmet to be replaced 2 years after the issue date (if recorded) or in accordance with manufacturers specifications

  • 2.4 - No hood or cap worn under the helmet? (Thin beanie above the ears is ok)

3.0 - Footwear

  • 3.1 - Steel capped boots worn?

  • 3.2 - If laces are fitted, they are securely tied at all times?

  • 3.3 - Footwear provides foot and ankle support, traction and protection?

  • 3.4 - Chainsaw operator - wearing footwear that provides protection from chainsaw cuts? (Bullie boots, Level 3 cut resistant boots)

4.0 - Hearing Protection

  • 4.1 - Class 5 hearing protection is worn when working around chainsaws or machinery? (Ear plugs/Ear muffs)

  • 4.2 - Hygiene kits are in good condition? (No rips, tears etc?)

  • 4.3 - No clothing or item being worn is interfering with the effectiveness of the hearing protection? (Hoodies/beanies)

5.0 - High Visibility Clothing

  • 5.1 - High visibility clothing is worn? (clean and visible?)

  • 5.2 - Complies with NZ Forestry Guidelines? (AS/NZS 4602)

  • 5.3 - Worn on outside of other clothing?

6.0 - Eye Protection

  • 6.1 - Suitable eye protection available and worn? (visors/glasses)

7.0 - Gloves

  • 7.1 - Gloves to be worn/available where there is potential for injury from Chemicals/Abrasions/Puncture and/or heat? (maintenance, sharpening chainsaw, breaking out)

  • 7.2 - Gloves suitable for task?

8.0 - Leg Protection

  • 8.1 - Workers using a chainsaw have protective leg wear? (Chaps/Chainsaw Trousers)

  • 8.2 - Condition of leg wear? (No rips, tears or damage to inner layer)

  • 8.3 - All straps are done up?

  • 8.4 - Leggings or other leg protection worn by breaker outs?

9.0 - Wet Weather Clothing

  • 9.1 - Wet weather clothing suitable for task is available?

  • 9.2 - Wet weather clothing meets high visibility standards?

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