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New Forklift Applicant

Prior to getting on the forklift

  • How much experience do you have operating a battery-operated sit-down forklift?

  • How long ago was it that you operated a forklift as your primary position for a job?

  • What kind of material did you move with the forklift?

  • Did you ever load or unload trucks?

  • What type of trucks did you unload/load if you did?

Once at the forklift

  • Tell me about and walk me through what you did to ensure the forklift was safe for operation prior to starting your day?

  • What are 4-5 dock safety rules you would know about loading and unloading a truck?

  • How do you know how much weight you can safely lift with this forklift?

  • What steps must you take with the lift if you need to get off the lift and walk around the corner where you can no longer see the lift?

Once on the forklift

  • Does operator know how to turn the lift on?

  • Does operator seem familiar with the lift controls?

  • Does operator demonstrate proper stacking methods?

  • If stack does not lock in properly, is operator able to follow directions on proper method of locking in bins?

  • Does operator check surroundings prior to movement?

  • Does operator demonstrate they are accustomed to using their horn regularly?

  • When lifting does operator pause the lift movement until to desired height?

  • If operator does not pause during lifting explain this step to operator and have them repeat the movements to ensure they can follow direction?

  • In general, does operator demonstrate competence while operating the forklift during the observation?

Once complete on the forklift

  • Does operator lower the forks to the ground when stopping?

  • Does operator set the parking brake when stopping?

  • Does operator switch the key off when stopping?

  • Does operator use three points of contact when getting off the forklift?

  • Ask operator how they feel they did and record answer

  • Ask operator what they feel they could improve on and record answer

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