• Forklift Make

  • Forklift capacity

  • Forklift registration no.

  • Hour meter

  • Driver PPEs condition

  • Diver license valid?

  • Operator attended forklift training

  • Road license / motor vehicle license valid

  • Insurance valid

  • Revenue sticker valid

  • Go to safety week (wiki ya nenda kwa usalama)

  • Warning stickers - Kaa mbali zaidi ya 7M

  • Pre-start checklist signed by the supervisor?

  • Forklift certificate of conformity

  • Forklift operator certificate of competence or authorisation.

2. Physical Appearance

  • General Cleanliness

  • Tyre appearance (puncture, damage, wear)

  • Pollution by handled products/ goods

  • Bodywork ( lights, wings, bonnet)

3. Mechanical Safety Inspection

  • Forks, panel and mast in good condition ( not deformed)

  • Road brake working

  • Handbrake working

  • Lifting / translation/ tilt functions in good condition

  • Hydraulic leaks noted

  • Suspended seat in condition, good attachment.

  • CMU present

4. Electrical Safety Inspection

  • Working lighting / instruments ( for night works).

  • Horn works

  • Flashing light works

  • Reverse beep/ hooter

  • Extinguisher (6Kg dry chemical powder)

  • Windscreen wiper

5. Other Controls

  • Level high enough in diesel tank

  • Operator has safety shoes

  • Safety panel in good condition on the equipment

  • Operator has goggles (when there is no windscreen

  • The safety belt is in good condition

  • Comments

  • More picture

  • Date and Time

  • Operator's signature

  • QHSE Representative

  • QHSE Auditor's Signature

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