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Weekly Bedroom Checklist

    Room Safety Check
  • Room Number:

  • Doors - Are they functional?

  • What is wrong:

  • Does the door have full intumescent strips?

  • Bedroom Decor

  • Walls

  • Ceiling

  • Carpet

  • Furniture

  • Bathroom Decor

  • Ceiling

  • Walls

  • Flooring

  • Furniture

  • Lighting - All Lights functioning correctly

  • Electricity - Sockets, Switches and Appliances (PAT)

  • Heating - Radiator and TRV fully functional

  • Nurse Call - Function Check (both)

  • Wardrobe Restrictor - Fitted

  • Bed

  • Bed Functional

  • Bedrails Functional

  • Handset Operational

  • Air Pump installed

  • Air Pump Operational

  • Sanitaryware

  • WC

  • WC Functional

  • Sink

  • Taps Secure

  • Plug Fitted

  • Shower

  • Shower Functional

  • Shower Head Functional

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