Traffic Control at Work Site Safety Inspection checklist

  • Inspector

  • RMS Officer / Contractor

  • TCP No

  • Road / Bridge Name

  • Type of Work

  • Duration of Work

  • Road Configuration

  • Design & Inspect TCP'S Cert No

  • Site Supervisor

  • TCP Modification

  • Location

  • Time / of Work

Guidance Notes

  • 1. Detailed inspection using this checklist shall only be undertaken by personnel holding current design & inspect traffic control certificate or auditers accreditation.
    2. Report to site office or most senior person & attend site induction or be escorted..
    3. Desk-Top "Audit". Review paperwork & discuss site conditions, to complete Column 1. Check items against TCP &associated documents.
    4. Site inspection. Conduct site verification inspection, discussing issues with random site workers / operators, to complete Columns 2 - What you see on site.
    5.Complete your report on site, where possible.
    6.if you are able make a copy of the report on site, leave a copy with supervisor.
    7. For Contractor site, forward an electronic copy to Contractors Safety Manager, WH&S Branch.


  • Does the work require V.M.P.

  • Does the work require P.M.P.

  • Is the approved plan on site?

  • Have signs & devices been set out as in the T.C.P.

  • If Modifications have been made are they been approved & marked on the T.C.P.

  • Does the RA Cover the risks assosiated with thw work site ?

  • Has a Road Occupancy Licence been issued & is it being complied with ?

  • Are the requirements implimented for safe clearances to workers & pedestrian & traffic approach speeds ?

Traffic Controllers ( TCS )

  • Is the correct number of TC's being used ?

  • Have TC Certificates been sighted and the NO recorded ?

  • Is TC's high visibility clothing in good repair ?

  • Are all TC's displaying the R.M.S logo and Authorized Traffic Controller ?

  • Do TC's have a clear escape route ?

  • Are Prepare To Stop (TI-I8) and Traffic Controller Ahead (TI-34, TI-200-2/3) signs correctly displayed ?

  • Are the above signs covered or removed when not required ?

Traffic Controllers Night Shift Work

  • Are they wearing approved clothing ?

  • Are they safely lit & Visible?

  • Do they have correct communication ?

  • Are they using night wands ?

Flashing Arrow Signs (FAS)

  • Is a FAS Being used ?

  • Is the FAS being used marked as complying with RMS either specification FAS/4 or FAS/5?

  • Is it located correctly ?

  • Is it the correct size sign ?

  • Is the correct Mode of Operation being used ?

  • If Lane Status signs (T2-6 Series) are being used in conjunction with FAS, is the message to the motorist the same ?

Variable Message Sign (VMS)

  • Is a variable message sign being used, as specified in TCWS ?

  • Is the sign located in safe position ?

Sign & Devices

  • Are all signs & devices in good condition ?

  • Are all signs clearly visible & not affected by other signs, plant items, vegetation, shade, light glare etc ?

  • Are sign faces in compliance with AS1742.3 and have class 1 retro reflective material ?

  • Are the correct sign sizes being used ?

  • Are signs duplicated, where required ?

  • Are signs erected at the correct height & position ?

  • Are the signs erected to give the correct sign distance ?

  • Have the needs of pedestrians been provided for ?

  • Have the needs of cyclists been provided for ?

  • Are all property accesses to the site controlled ?

  • Are all cones & bollards installed at the correct spacing ?

  • Are the correct sized cones & bollards being used ?

  • Where tappers are used, have they been identified as Lateral Shift or Merge Tapers & are they the correct length ?

  • Where there are 3 lanes of traffic or more in one direction & two lanes are closed, are the separate merge tapers of the correct length ?

  • Are the two tapers separated by at least 1.5 D ?

  • Where work is beyond a crest or curve, has the taper set up before the crest or curve ?

  • Auditor

  • Select date

  • Manager

  • Select date

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