Line and Machine Info

Line Info

  • Line Number

  • Machine Placement - Ie South East, Upstream, Downstream etc..

  • Bottle or Can Line

Machine Info

  • Machine Serial Number

  • Add media

  • Source Number

  • Add media

  • Software Version

  • Machine Type

Radiation Compliance

Radiation Labels

  • Are Radiation labels in place and in good shape?


  • Is the unit equipped with an Autoshutter?

  • RED Lamp operational?

  • Lens in good shape?

  • GREEN Lamp Operational?

  • Lens in good shape?

  • Does the Autoshutter function properly? (conveyor stopped RED Lamp on, conveyor running GREEN Lamp on)

  • Notes:

  • Add media

Plant Procedures

Plant Procedures

  • Are RED and GREEN Test Slugs present?

  • How often are test slugs run?

  • Does the Plant have a cleaning procedure?

  • Details

Machine Specific

Physical Installation

  • FT-50/70 Level?

  • FT-50/70 Properly Braced?

  • FT-50/70 Centered across the conveyor?

  • FT-50/70 in good mechanical condition? (No loose hardware, unplugged holes etc...)

  • FT-50/70 Raising Mechanism in good working order? (Crank handle, movement up and down, etc...)

  • FT-50/70 Trigger Mechanism in good working order?

  • FT-50/70 equipped with an ENCODER?

  • Encoder Mechanically installed properly?

  • Encoder mounted on the Drive end of the through conveyor?

  • Encoder Coupling in good shape? (Hose not rubbing the face of the encoder, Centered on shaft, etc...)



  • FT-50/70 Through Conveyor running smoothly through the inspection and rejection zone? (No jerking movements, etc...)

  • Are the FT-50/70 Conveyor Wearstrips in good shape?

  • Is the FT-50/70 Through Conveyor Chain in good shape? (No new and old sections, No broken links, etc.. )

  • Is the FT-50/70 Through Conveyor Chain running straight without excessive movement side to side? (Chain should not walk side to side)

  • Is the FT-50/70 Through Conveyor Chain running level side to side? (Chain should not lean to one side)

  • Is the FT-50/70 Conveyor providing smooth handling of the container through the inspection zone? (Containers should not spin or move)


  • What is the Chain Material?

  • Chain Type Description. (Example Rex 1.5" Table top)

  • Stretch Chain and Measure 10 links enter the length here.



  • Rejector Type?

  • Is an Oiler Present?

  • Is Proper Oil in the Oiler?

  • Is an Oiler Present?

  • Is the Rejector Mounted Properly? (Correct distance to container)

  • Is the Rejector in Good Working Condition? (No loose hardware, Safety wire in place, etc....)

  • Are Proper Air Controls installed?

  • Is an Air Filter Present

  • Is the Air Pressure between 60 - 80 PSIG?

  • Is the Rejector Timing Correct? (Containers are Rejected Centered on Pad)

  • Is the Rejector Pad in Good Shape?

Inspection Trigger

Trigger Type

  • List Any other Options found and if Functional

  • Trigger Type?

  • Trigger Fiber Optic Type?

  • Raising Mechanism Type

  • Is Trigger Bracket in Good Working Order?

  • Is the Trigger Position Correct? (Adjusted to Necked in portion of Can and on the Cap for Bottle)

Inspection Head

Inspection Head

  • Is the Keypad in Good Shape?

  • Is Air Purge Functional?

  • Is the Door Seal in Good Condition?

  • Are all Holes in the Inspection head Sealed?

  • Is the Reset Button in Good Shape? (Boot not torn, Functional, etc...)

  • Is Yellow Beacon Lamp Functional?

  • Is Yellow Beacon Lamp Lens in Good Shape?

  • Is an I/O Junction Box Installed?

  • Are PLC Relays Used/Functional?

  • Is Modbus Used?

  • Notes:

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