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Seven Wastes

  • Are people waiting for materials or are materials waiting for people at the workstations?<br>

  • Are there in-process storage areas to minimize movement?<br><br>

  • Is there too much inventory in the storage areas?<br><br>

  • Do workers appear to be making unnecessary movements in their work<br><br>

  • Are workers producing as per order?<br><br>

  • Are products staying longer in process than the prescribed time?<br><br>

  • Is there presence of defective products?<br><br>

Production Flow

  • Is the flow of materials evident?<br>

Four Ms

  • Are workstations manned?<br>

  • Are there any machine breakdowns?<br><br>

  • Are people following standards?<br><br>

  • Are materials available?<br><br>

Abnormal Conditions

  • Are there any abnormal conditions such as leaks, breakages and dirt?<br>

Standards Work

  • Are standards up to date?

  • Are standards present?


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