Inspection report requirements and metrics

  • General Building inspection shall be performed once per week by the Facilities Manager (or their delegated party)

  • Key:

    Good = 10 points
    Fair = 5 points
    Poor = 0 points

    Yes = 10 points
    No = 0 points
    NA = 10 points

Building exterior

  • Entries and exits (including paved areas)

  • Light diffusers, covers, exit lights

  • Balustrades, hand rails, awnings

  • Wall and column surfaces

Car parks, garden beds

  • Rubbish removal

  • Drains and gutters cleared

  • Kerbs in good repair

  • Swept

Building interior lobby

  • Entrance doors operable and glass windows clean

  • Floor surfaces

  • Walls, skirting and edges

  • Lifts

  • Evacuation diagram in place

  • Furniture

Fire Control Panel

  • Are there any isolations present on panel?

  • Has the isolation been recorded in the onsite register?

  • Where is the isolated zone?

  • Who has performed the isolation?

  • What is the timeframe for the isolation?

  • Are there any faults present?

  • What is the fault?


  • Duplicate as required for each level

  • Toilet amenities
  • Select level of inspection from drop list.

  • Walls, Mirrors, Doors and kick plates

  • Light diffusers and covers

  • Benches/vanities clean

  • Dryers and dispensers

  • Toilet bowls, urinals cleaned

  • Toilet requisite supply level

  • Floor surface

Building interior tenant floor

  • Duplicate as required for level inspected

  • Tenant Floor
  • Select level of inspection from drop list.

  • Lift doors stainless steel

  • Evacuation diagram in place

  • Glass surfaces

  • Rubbish bins

  • Walls, skirting and edges

  • Light fittings and power points

  • Furniture

  • Kitchen / breakout areas

  • Floor surfaces - Hard

  • Floor surfaces - Carpeted

Service corridors, fire escapes, service cupboards

  • Duplicate as required for level inspected

  • Service Areas
  • Select level of inspection from drop list.

  • Doors

  • Fire cupboard

  • Service cupboard

  • Hand rails firmly fixed

  • Free of rubbish & debris

  • Emergency exit lights

  • Stairs clean and dry

Plant Room

  • Duplicate as required for level inspected

  • Plant room
  • Select level of inspection from drop list.

  • Are there any faults, leaks present

  • Free of rubbish & debris

  • Vents, inlets and outlets

  • Light fittings

Loading docks, rubbish bin rooms

  • Loading/unloading area clean

  • Rubbish and bin rooms

  • Roller shutters and doors

Cleaners room

  • Consumable stock stored appropriately

  • Chemicals stored correctly

  • Testing and tagging register up to date

  • MSDS in place

  • Spill kits in place

  • Overall appearance

Assessors signatures

  • Property Manager or authorized representative

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