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  • How many students occupy this area

  • How many staff occupy this area

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Basic Safety Inspection

First Impression/ Safety

  • Are Health and Safety policy readily available and displayed?

  • Are the appropriate site information and safety rules provided to visitors?

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited except in specified areas.

  • Access and egress in a good state and well maintained?

  • Are safety rules evidently being applied?

Emergency - Fire

  • Are the condition of the fire extinguishers in a good state and visable

  • Are the fire extinguishers tagged, and inspected in the last 12 months?

  • Fire protection system tested periodically?

  • Emergency Drill conducted on a regular basis? Good - Every Term. Fair - Done at least twice a year. Poor - Not done or once a year.

  • Emergency exit routes in good state and free from obstruction?

  • Is emergency lighting in a good condition and tested regularly?

Emergency - First Aid

  • Does the workplace have a trained First Aider (FAW or EFAW)?

  • Does the Workplace have a First Aid box with sufficient stock?

  • What's missing?

  • Is there a reporting process for any injuries or near misses

Classroom/ Workplace

  • Internal flooring in a good state?

  • Are traffic routes clear of obstruction?

  • Is there a minimum distance of 750mm for wheelchair access?

  • Are there any electrical cables visable?

  • Are they tucked away and left in a safe manner?

  • Is there adequate lighting?

  • Are there procedures in place to deal with spillages i.e. water, bodily fluids and product release?

Working at Heights

  • Is the workplace free from steps or ladders?

  • Are they regularly checked and recorded?

  • Students NOT subjected to working at height? Working above or below ground level?

  • Is the distance less than 0.5m?

  • Are the students competent and are all documents recorded to show that fact?

Furniture and Fixtures

  • Are permanent fixtures in good condition and securely fastened? cupboards, shelves, cabinets

  • Is the furniture in a suitable state and fit for purpose?

  • Does the furniture display fire resistance?

  • Hot surfaces that have the protenial to injury clearly signed?

Advanced Questions


  • Is the work area free from any COSHH substances?

  • Do they have a master list of all substances?

  • Have the substances been assessed and are assessments available?

  • Are the assessment adequate?

  • Do they have the Safety Data Sheets available?

  • Are they stored in a correct manner?

  • Are the Substance in a suitable container and marked clearly?


  • Are all electrical appliances, and equipment looking to be in a serviceable condition? cables, plugs free from damage, cracks

  • Are any electrical panels or distribution boards securely locked and in a safe condition?

  • Are portable electrical appliances been PAT tested?

  • Are there any large installed electrical equipment?

  • Are they inspected by a qualified electrician?

Display Screen Equipment

  • Are there any computer screens, display screens, VDU that are used for long periods of time?

  • Are they used only by staff?

  • Have the staff completed their DSE awareness course on skillgate?

  • Are staff aware of a free eye test?

  • Are the workstations adequate?

  • Are any staff suffering from any discomfort?

  • Have they filled in a DSE self assessment?

  • Who requires a DSE Self assessment

  • Has this been followed up by the H&S department?

Manual Handling

  • Is there any manual handling taking place within the workplace?

  • Is this included in the risk assessment?

  • Is the manual handling caused any discomfort, problems in the past?

  • Has an assessment been carried out?

  • Has the injuries or discomfort been recorded?

  • Has mechanical aid been used?

  • is it in date with LOLER inspections, recorded and documented?


  • Is the waste generated being segregated and recycled where possible?

  • Is efforts being made to reduce waste?

  • Is the workplace at a comfortable temperature level?

  • Has this been reported?

  • Why not

  • When was this reported?

  • Is there any load noises?

  • Has H&S Department measured the noise levels and passed the information to you?


  • Any other issues?

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