Picture of building

Number of employees

Number of students

Number of visitors

Is there a health and safety plan developed for this site?


Are procedures in place for reporting unsafe conditions?

Do employees know how to report an incident and the claim processes?

Does the Emergency Operations Plan include floor plans, evacuation paths, and meeting areas?

Are evacuation plans accurate and posted?

What Personal Protective Equipment is used in the facility?

Are employees wearing appropriate foot wear for their position and the conditions?

Is an approved Blood Borne Pathogens program established?

Are first aid supplies on site?

Does the site have an AED?

Is the AED inspected monthly?

Are weight restrictions in place on manual lifting?

Are material handling devices provided?


Is all wiring in good working condition and free of defects?

Are wires and tubes crossing a path marked and protected?

Are extension cords not used for long term use and are not daisy chained?

Is adequate lighting provided for the task being preformed?

Is there 35 inches of clearance between electrical panels and other objects?

Is emergency lighting in place and working order?

Fire Protection
Date of last fire drill

Are emergency EXIT sighs in place and in working order?

Are non evacuation doors marked "not an exit"

Is there a centralized alarm system for the facility?

Are fire alarms and fire extinguishers visible and accessable?

Is the facility equipped with a sprinkler system?

Are sprinkler system valves locked open?

Are fire doors kept closed or equipped with auto closure devices?

Are fire extinguishers inspected annually?

Is the facility equipped with fire/smoke/heat detectors?

Are there high fire loads in rooms or halls?

18 inch clearance is given between the ceiling and other objects

Are doors covered with less then 33% combustible materials?

Are portable electrical heaters 3 ft from any combustible materials?

Water heaters, furnaces and other heat producing devices have a three foot clearance from combustible materials

Is smoking prohibited on the property?

Is appropriate areas provided to extinguish smoking materials?

Building Condition

The general up keep of the building is adequate

Is the floor free of trip hazards or dangerous conditions?

Are all rugs and mats.secured from moving or slipping?

Are stairs clear, in good condition and non-slip?

Is equipment clean and in working order?

Are emergency shut off switches/valves marked and in working order?

Are wet floor signs used to mark wet areas?

Are elevated surfaces protected with guard rails and toe boards?

Are all external walkways maintained?

Are all storage and work areas orderly?

Is there any serious damage to walls or ceilings?

Are items secured from falling?

Is adequate ventilation provided to remove excess heat and gasses


Are all guards and safety devices in place?

Are ladders in good working order?

Are hazardous materials stored properly and in appropriate containers?

Are power tools in good working condition?

Defective tools are marked and taken out of service?

Permit required confined spaces are identified properly

Required equipment is provided if confined spaces are entered

Lockout Tagout procedures have been developed and are in place

Appropriate equipment is available for locking out equipment


The general housekeeping of the facility is adequate

Is the workplace generally clean and dry?

Are any hazardous materials stored on site?

Are all MSDS sheets available for all chemicals on site?

Has an inventory been taken within the last year for chemicals on site?

No quantities greater then 10,000 lbs of any hazardous materials are stored on site?

Are all containers labeled with product and other required information?


This facility has a centralized record system for documenting and retrieving training records

Have employees been educated on the health and safety plan?

Have employees been educated on evacuation procedures?

Required people are trained on Lockout Tagout

Employees required to enter confined spaces are trained to do so.

Are employees trained in specialized equipment?

Are employees trained on the Blood Borne Pathogens program

Are employees trained in the use of personal protective equipment?

Have employees received Hazard Communication training?

Are employees trained on safe lifting techniques?

Are any employees trained in First Aid and CPR?


On Site Auditor
Facility Managemant
Safety and Wellness Coordinator
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.