• This document is to assist you audit the task ahead along with the site conditions to ensure your and our customers safety by delivering a safe service.

    If there are factors inhibiting compliance or risking the safety of yourself or that of others, PAUSE the job and seek advice from your supervisor.

    On completion please ensure this is emailed to your supervisor.

    Thank you for your co-operation

  • zero-harm-240x160.png
  • Technician Name

  • Date and Time Audit Commenced

  • Customer Company Name

  • Machine Serial Number

  • Site Address
  • Additional Technician Name

  • Brief Description of the Task Being Assessed

Pre Job Assessment

  • Life saving behaviours relevant to this task

  • LSB - I Position.jpg
  • LSB - I Wear.jpg
  • LSB - I Pause.jpg
  • Have you reported in to and signed in at site office or met with onsite contact?

  • Does the site have specific Site Safety rules such as emergency procedures, lock out tag out or working at height? or site specific induction requirements?

  • Have you been inducted with their site specific requirements?

Covid-19 Questions

  • If you are unsure about any Covid responses please call your manager for advice on how to proceed

    Covid image.jpg
  • Does the customer have a Covid-19 contingency plan

  • Have you created a contingency with your manager?

  • Has there been a confirmed Covid-19 case on site?

  • How many days ago?

  • Has the area been sanitised since the diagnosis?

  • Can you maintain a four square meter separation zone while attending the machine?

  • Do you have the following required Covid-19 protection?<br><br>Sanitiser<br>Facemask<br>Gloves

  • Does this task require the use of three way communication?

  • Do you have a control plan in accordance with three way communication?

  • Does this task require working alone?

  • Do you have a control plan in accordance with the working alone policy?

  • Are there ground condition hazards in the work area?

  • Have you eliminated them?

  • Are there overhead risks in your work area?

  • If the following overhead risks have been identified in your work area:<br><br>Electricity<br>Structures<br>Wind speed higher than12.5m/s - if no wind meter available please check Willy Weather app<br><br> <br><br>Has the risk been eliminated by moving the machine to another area?

  • Is there potential interaction from the following?<br><br><br>Pedestrians<br>Vehicles<br>Mobile plant

  • If the following potential interactions are present<br><br>Pedestrians<br>Vehicles<br>Mobile plant<br><br>Have you eliminated them with a plan?

Machine Information

  • Please take a photo of the serial plate - If you are on a site that prohibits photos please manually enter the serial number

  • Please take photograph of the serial decal of the machine you are working on

  • Only if on a site with a no photography allowed please manually enter the serial number

General Task

  • Life saving behaviours relevant to this task

  • LSB - I Verify.jpg
  • LSB - I Check.jpg
  • LSB - I Position.jpg
  • Are you equipped with the correct PPE for this task?

  • Do you have all necessary tools/equipment to complete the task?

  • Is there sufficient natural or artificial light to complete the task?

  • Have you adequately controlled potential interaction with pedestrians, vehicles and mobile plant?

  • Is there risk of exposure to disrupted or airborne asbestos?

  • Stop and pause the job

  • Is there a risk for potential ignition of flammable vapours?

  • Stop and pause the job

  • Are any power tools to be used for this task?

  • Are they in safe good condition with their guarding intact?

  • Is a multi meter required for this task?

  • Have you:<br>1. Visually inspected the unit, leads and probes for damage?<br>2. Tested the leads for continuity (resistance)?

  • Is the use of hazardous substances required for this task?

  • Do you have access to the most recent copy of the Safety Data Sheet for those chemicals?

  • Does this task require use of fluids?

  • Do you have suitable spill containment for the task?


  • Life saving behaviours relevant to this task

  • Link to current lift plans -

  • LSB - I Stand.jpg
  • LSB - I Follow.jpg
  • Is lifting required for this task?

  • Do you have a lift plan? You can check for current plans here<br>Link to current lift plans -

  • Are you or other personnel involved in the task suitably qualified to operate any of the crane/equipment in use?

  • Is all lifting equipment certified and in the correct test period?

  • WARNING - If you are not able to ensure your own safety through any of the above questions, PAUSE the job, ASSESS and RESOLVE the issue with the customer. If this is not possible then escalate this to your relevant supervisor/manager.

Working at Height

  • Life saving behaviours relevant to this task

  • LSB - I Protect.jpg
  • Is working at height required for this task?

  • Is the portable working at height kit required for this task?

  • Do you have the kit with you?

  • Is all working at height equipment certified and in correct test period?

  • Do you have a working at height plan?

  • Are all personnel protected from falling objects?

  • Have I PAUSED and asked for help from my supervisor if a condition is not safe or I cannot take these actions. If a near miss occurs, I report it immediately!


Lock Out Tag Out

  • Life saving behaviours relevant to this task

  • LSB - I Verify.jpg
  • Have all energy sources been identified, controlled and verified to prevent:<br><br>Fire<br>Injection<br>Electrocution<br>Burns<br>Falls<br>Crushing<br>Trapping risks


  • Time Completed

  • What State / Territory are you operating in?

  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your VIC manager.

  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your NSW manager.

  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your QLD manager.

  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your SA manager.

  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your WA manager.

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