Please verify you have the following Documentation within your vehicle

  • Owner's Manual

Interior Inspection

  • Seatbelts - not frayed or dirty, inertia lock functions

  • Interior Lights function

  • Mirrors properly adjusted

  • No Warning Lights activated on dash

  • Roadside Emergency Kit:

  • Fire extinguisher inspection date current

  • First aid kit stocked and items in date

  • Spill kit present and properly stocked:
    1 Bucket
    1x 1.2m Boom
    Spill sorb material (kitty litter) 10L
    Absorbent pillow
    Yellow waste bag

  • Horn working

  • Air con working

  • Demister working

  • Windscreen washers working

  • Windscreen wipers working

  • Clock is set to correct time

  • Check all lights function - Indicators, park lights front, head lights, park lights rear, brake lights, reverse lights

  • Vehicle service up to date? - Check windscreen sticker

  • Park brake holds vehicle

Engine Compartment Inspection

  • Windscreen washer fluid full

  • Radiator coolant level full

  • Fan belt not frayed

  • Engine oil level full

  • Brake fluid reservoir is full

  • Battery clamp secures battery

  • Battery terminals not corroded

Exterior Inspection

  • Windows and windscreen in good condition - Chips or cracks in windscreen and tint condition

  • Tyres in good condition - more than 2mm tread depth at treadwear indicators

  • Less than 2mm tread - Use Orix supplier list to book tyres for replacement ASAP and notify your supervisor

  • Tyre pressure physically checked

  • Damaged tires

  • Wheel nuts secure

  • Any damage to exterior of cab or service body

PPE - Do you have the following items onboard?

  • Hard hat

  • Safety Glasses

  • Steel toe footwear - in safe condition

  • Gloves per company standard

  • Lock out Tag out kit

  • Warning triangles or Safety cone with flashing light

Observation - any damage or items to repair/replace?

  • Add observations/comments here.

  • Add media


  • Time completed

  • What State / Territory are you operating in?

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  • Please press "Notify" below to notify your NSW manager.

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