General Safety (complete by all)

  • NOTE: Provide an explanation for all answers marked as "NO". Pictures are helpful!

  • Do employees know where to gather in case of an evacuation?

  • Do employees know where and how to receive care for an injury?

  • Are signs preset for emergency and safety related equipment?

  • Are all exits and paths free of obstruction?

  • Are first aid kits fully stocked and inspected monthly?

  • Are fire extinguishers present and inspected within the past year?

  • Are oily rags kept in a metal bin and removed from the work area daily?

  • Have all employees in your department received general safety training: SDS, PPE, Fire, Back Safety, etc.

  • Are all cabinets and shelves secured or anchored?

  • Are all light fixtures adequate and functioning properly?

Machine Shop

  • Do all employees have access to the shop safety guide?

  • Is PPE provided and used whenever necessary?

  • Are all worksites clean and orderly?

  • Are waste containers kept clean and emptied daily?

  • Are all machines secured or anchored?

  • Are floors in good condition and kept dry?

  • Is the ventilation system adequate for the work being performed?

Electrical Safety

  • Are all plugs, cords, and panels enclosed,, free from splices with insulation in good condition?

  • Do all extension cords have grounding conductors?

  • Are extension cords used only temporarily? Never linked cords together!

  • Are cords secured so they do not run across pathways, under doors or the walls?

  • Is the breaker panel accessible with labels identifying the function of each switch?

  • Are ground fault circuit interrupters available for use in wet areas?

  • Are hand-tools effectively grounded or an approved double insulated type?

Mechanical Safety

  • Do all machines have guards to protect against points of operation, nip points, rotating parts, moving parts, flying chips, sparks, etc.?

  • Are emergency stops within the operator's reach?

  • Are written Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each machine available and executed by all employees?

  • Are machines regularly cleaned and maintained?

  • Are maintenance records, calibrations, certifications of each machine kept on file?

Storage, Hazardous Materials and Waste

  • Are materials stored to prevent falls ad spills?

  • Do signs designate storage areas?

  • Are all storage containers labeled with their contents?

  • Are combustibles and chemicals kept in closed containers when not in use?

  • Are chemical waste properly stored?

  • Are Hazardous Waste Tags present?

  • Are wastes picked up by a licensed waste hauler?


  • Are repetitive motion tasks properly paced and kept to a minimum?

  • Are hazards signaled by signs and tags?

  • Is ventilation equipment working effectively?

  • Are tools properly designed for use by the employees?

  • Are defective tools tagged and removed from service as part of a regular maintenance program?

  • Are tools and machinery used so as to avoid electrical hazards?

  • Is proper training given in the safe use of tools and machinery?

  • Are extension cords in good condition? Not connected to another cord?


  • Is the work area clean and orderly?

  • Are aisles and passageways kept clear of obstructions?

  • Are permanent aisles and passageways clearly marked?

  • Are there 3 feet of clearance in front of each electrical panel?

  • Are the employees using appropriate PPE when required?

  • Other items:


  • General housekeeping is good?

  • Are slips, trips, and fall hazards observed?

  • Are fire equipent clear of blockage?

  • Are exits unobstructed?

  • Are fall hazards at the loading bay protected?

  • Are forklift used safely by authorized operators?

  • Are hand tools in good working condition?

  • Are lifting equipment used when loading crates? (crane, hoists)

  • Are proper lifting techniques applied?

  • Other items:

Parts Department

  • Are shelves secured and anchored to prevent tipping?

  • Are there adequate walking space between aisles?

  • Are heavier items stored on the lower shelves?

  • Are lightbulbs protected from shatter? (tube sleeve)

  • Are SDS filed for each chemical received?

  • Are forklifts used safely by authorized operators?

Other Safety Issues

  • Enter any other safety opportunities identified during your audit.

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