GEI Jobsite Safety Audit

Tools and Equipment

  • Tools and equipment in good condition

  • Machine guards/pinch points identified/protected

  • All equipment in good condition

Material Handling/Rigging

  • Workers know and use proper crane signals?

  • Rigging/Lifting equipment in good condition and inspected

  • Workers attach tag lines to loads?

  • Ratchet Straps in good condition?

Electric tools and extension cords

  • Are electric tools and extension cords double insulated and has no visible signs of damage?

  • Do electric tools and extension cords have a grounding conductor?

  • Electrical equipment connected properly and use of GFCI?

Heavy Equipment

  • Daily inspection completed

  • Fire extinguisher mounted and in good condition

  • Seatbelt worn during operation

  • Backup alarm operable?

  • Ground guide/spotter being used? Performing task correctly?

  • Any visible damage to equipment?

A. Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hard Hats in use by all personnel

  • Eye protection in use by all personnel

  • Hearing protection in use. Rule of thumb: If standing 5' or more apart and you have to raise your voice to communicate hearing protection is needed

  • Proper footwear

  • Class II reflective vest/shirts worn by all employees

  • Respirators/face masks used as required (Medical evaluation and fit test)

Hazardous Chemicals/Air Contaminants

  • OSHA Table 1 Silica controls in place?

  • List of hazardous materials on job

  • Material Safety Data Sheets

  • Employees are familiar with program

  • Proper containers in use with correct SDS labels

General Safety/ Behavioral Factors

  • Hands/ body safe from line of fire/pinch points?

  • 3. Not lifting over 50 lbs. without help

  • Entering/Exiting vehicles using 3 points of contact

  • Good housekeeping and material storage

  • Barricades/debris protection/ warning signs in place

  • Excavation, manhole, pull box covered or barricaded?

  • Is the work area properly demarcated/blocked off to prevent injury/entry of the public?

  • Eye wash available

  • Fire extinguisher; Good condition; current inspection tag; within 50'

  • Flammables stored and handled in approved containers?

  • First Aid kit and CPR/First Aid trained personnel available

  • Trucks; safe/good condition; DOT regulation compliance

  • Are ladders used for the manufacturers intended purpose?

Temporary Traffic Control

  • Correct TTC devices used?

  • 2. Correct TTC device spacing?

  • Traffic moves smoothly around TTC zone?

  • Pedestrians have a safe route to walk?

Fall Protection

  • Are employees protected from falls 6' or greater?

  • Are employees properly wearing fall protection devices?

  • Are employees properly tied off? No 6 ft. lanyards in bucket truck? (SRL Only)

  • Fall protection equipment in proper working order and inspections completed?

Trenching and Excavation

  • Was the soil classification determined and is the classification correct?

  • Are soil piles, tools, and equipment stored 2' or more from the edge of the excavation?

  • Are ladder rungs 3' above the landing surface?

  • Is access and egress provided every 25' of lateral movement when the excavation/trench reaches 4' in depth?

  • Is the excavation/trench properly protected at 5' in depth?

  • Fall protection in place when excavation/trench reaches 6' in depth?

Confined Space Operations

  • Are the proper permits in place?

  • Are barricades up to protect the workers and public?

  • Are these items at the site-Tripod with rescue winch, Air Blower, 4 Gas Monitor, Barricade with signage?

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