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Safety Audit


  • Does the site have a premises risk assessment & external areas risk assessment?

  • Does the site have a current water safety risk assessment?

  • Is there a current fire risk assessment for the premises?

  • Has an asbestos assessment been completed in the last year?

  • Does the site have a pest control management plan?

  • Have the compressors been serviced?

  • Is there evidence of fixed wire certification in the last 5 years?

  • Is the current insurance policy displayed at the entrance to the premises?

  • Is the Health and Safety Poster displayed and complete?

Fire Safety

  • Are fire exits clear of obstructions?

  • Are routes of escape clear of obstructions?

  • Are there any fire doors being propped open?

  • Are self-closing boxes working on fire doors?

  • Is there evidence that emergency lighting is being regularly maintained?

  • Are fire extinguishers in place and in date?

  • Are fire extinguisher identification labels in place?

  • Is there evidence that smoke/ heat detectors are being checked?

  • Is the fire alarm being tested regularly?

  • Has a fire drill been conducted in the last 12 months?

  • Are fire action points available and correct?

  • Have fire marshalls completed weekly fire checks?

  • Are there any concerns with regards to fire safety?

First Aid

  • Is there an up to date list of first aiders onsite?

  • Are the first aid boxes replenished?

  • Is the defibrillator serviceable?


  • Are heating levels suitable and is there resources too accommodate<br>being too hot or too cold?

  • Are toilets and sinks in working order?

  • Is there adequate sanitary disposal?

  • Is there adequate soap, toilet paper, hand drying facilities?

  • Are there areas to relax, eat lunch and take breaks?

  • Do all surfaces and appliances in kitchen area seem clean and tidy?

Electrical Safety

  • Has work equipment been PAT tested?

  • Are there any overloaded sockets?

  • Are all power cables free from damage?

General Office Area

  • Would you like to examine office area on this safety audit?

  • Is the lighting level adequate?

  • Is the area tidy and well organised?

  • Are trailing leads secured/taped down and sockets not overloaded?

  • Is the office area free of pests?

  • Does the office area overall seem safe?

General Warehouse Area

  • Would you like to examine warehouse/storage area on this safety audit?

  • Is manual handling being undertaken safely and are manual handling aids being used?


  • Are all staff wearing sufficient PPE?

  • Is there further PPE available if needed and in good condition? (face shield, goggles, hearing protection)

Work Equipment

  • Are ladders in good condition with all 4 feet in tact?

  • Are tools and work equipment generally in good condition?

  • Have machines been serviced? (drills, CNC, saws etc)

  • Do all tools have guards on when not being used?


  • Are work surfaces generally clear?

  • Are aisles clear and open for material transfers? (No product shall be stored in aisles where it blocks equipment manoeuvring)

  • Is the floor in good condition? (potholes)

  • Are ventilation units working?

  • Is there adequate lighting inside the warehouse? (do all bulbs seem to be working, no broken bulb shields)

  • Is the roof in good condition? (no leaks, broken panels)

  • Are areas in the warehouse free of pests?

  • Are cleaning products, solvents and chemicals stored safely? (labelled, away in cupboards)

  • Safety signage / appropriate posters in the right places?

  • Is there suitable segregation of people and vehicles? (walkways, barriers)

  • Has an inspection been completed on the extraction system within the last 12 months by an approved supplier?


  • Has a racking inspection been completed within the last 12 months by an approved SEMA supplier?

  • Is racking properly installed?

  • Are floor and rack storage limits properly posted? (floor rating, load ratings)

  • Is there any signs of overhanging pallets or equipment?

  • Is equipment stored on the top level banded?

  • Is there signs of any damage to racking?

  • Does the warehouse overall seem safe?


  • Would you like to examine FLTs in this safety audit?

  • Do forklift drivers have their licenses and does the shift leader have access to them?

  • Are the forklifts in good condition? (reserve alarm audible, light working)

  • Are forklifts being driven at a suitable speed?

  • Are goods been transported around site safely? (loading and unloading safely)

  • Is there evidence of LOLER inspections and any non-conformances have been closed down?

  • Is there evidence of daily checks to FLTs?

Employee Check

  • Would you like to conduct safety checks on an employee?

  • Do they know how to report an accident, incident or near miss?

  • Do they have any safety issues to raise?

  • Do they know what to do in the event of a fire/ emergency?

  • Do they know where the nearest first aid box/ first aider is?

Waste Disposal

  • Are the correct waste streams being stored in the correct<br>bins/skips?

  • Are bins being regularly emptied/ not overflowing?

  • Is there suitable means to dispose of hazardous waste?

  • Have reasonable steps been taken to segregate combustible<br>materials and sources of ignition?

  • Are waste transfer notes up to date?

  • Is the waste management area generally clean and tidy?


  • Would you like to examine the yard/ loading areas on this safety audit?

  • Is there clear segregation between vehicles & Pedestrians?

  • Are vehicles parked correctly?

  • Are road markings clear?

  • Are all chemicals & oils bunded and stored correctly i.e. no water<br>within the bund, all drums within the protected bunding.

  • Is the floor/ road surface free from slips/trip hazards?

General Comments

  • Any further comments or recommendations arising from this inspection?

  • Have all required corrective actions been added as Actions to this<br>inspection?

Sign Off

  • Name & Signature of Auditor

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