• Please conduct this inspection every week and send report via e-mail to Facilities Manager

    Rating: 1= Legally and Company Compliant
    2 = Light Risk (1 Month Action)
    3 = Meduim Risk (1 Week Action)
    4 = High Risk. (24 Hour Action)
    5 = Critical Risk. (Immediate Action)

    Scoring: If score is higher than 2 please indicate action to be implemented, supplier/person to take action and expected date of completion

  • Document No.

  • Floor/Department Inspected

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Clean

  • Not Damaged


  • Clean

  • Not Damaged


  • Clean

  • Not Damaged

Aisles, Walkways, Stairs

  • Not Obstructed

  • Clean


  • Handrails not damaged

  • Well lighted

  • Clean

Pest Control

  • Monthly Servicing

  • Is activities and infestations reported

HSE Sinage

  • Displayed

  • Correct for area

  • Legible

Tables and Chairs

  • Clean

  • Not Damaged

Doors and Locks

  • Clean

  • Not Damaged

  • In working order

Lights and Lightfittings

  • Clean

  • All working

  • Not Damaged

  • Not Loose


  • Clean

  • Serviced

  • Pot in order

  • Building Maintenance Representitive

  • Facilities Manager

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