• Perspex covers on AVE filler

  • Perspex windows and door view to AVE room

  • Air gauge cover AVE room x 4

  • Computer screen cover AVE room

  • UV capper light box Perspex cover

  • Flashing light AVE room

  • Flashing light on conveyer(labeller and sealer)

  • Perspex machine cover labelling area, gauges x 2

  • QA signs

  • Boxer control Perspex panel front and sensor cover and screen at box labeler

  • Perspex side covers on bottle convater

  • 3 x ceiling light covers

  • Wall sanitiser

  • Squeegee (rear wall)

  • Hard plastic tubs AVE room


  • 3x tank sight glasses

  • Ceiling light


  • 2x tank sight glasses

  • Ceiling light

  • 2x control screens

  • 1x scale screen(wall)

  • Sanitiser


  • 2 x PH meter probes

  • Phenolphalene bottle

  • 2 x Buffer solution cups

  • Retention samples glass fridge doors

  • Wall Sanitiser and handwash

  • Lights

  • Wall Filing storage

  • Computer screen

  • Window


  • 2x wall sanitiser

  • 2 x wall hand wash

  • 1 x paper towel dispenser


  • 2 x waste bins ( citrus unloading pit)

  • 12 x lights (ceiling)

  • 1 x squeegee, shovel,broom

  • 1 x Control Screen (Tanker bay)

  • 2 x sight glasses (tanker bay)

  • 1 x control screen (rear warehouse wall beside exit door)

  • 2 x emergency exit light (exit doors)

  • Suntuf corrugated panelling (ceiling)

  • Cheap Citrus Bins

Pasteuriser Room

  • 2 x lights (Ceiling)

  • 3 x sight glasses (pasteuriser lines)

  • 1 x Control screen (pasteuriser control screen)

  • 1 x Emergency lights

  • 5 x Gauges (Pasteuriser)

  • 1 x Flow meter (Pasteuriser)

  • 1x Bin

  • 1 x Chemical Doser

  • CIP kit - box, phenolphthalein x2, calculator

  • 1 x Emergency light (Above door)

Press Room

  • 2 x Lights (ceiling)

  • Suntuf Corrugated Panelling (Ceiling)

  • 2 x Containers (Ascorbic Acid)

Processing Area

  • 8 x Lights (Ceiling)

  • 3 x Squeegees, broom (Rear wall)

  • 1 x Control screen ( Apple machine)

  • 1 x Clock (Rear wall)

  • 1 x Flow meter (Orange line)

  • 2 x Sanitiser Machines ( Side walls)

  • 1 x Gauge (foaming machine)

  • 1 x gauge (cyclone)

  • 1 x Sight glass (cyclone)

  • 1 x Control Screen ( Citrus line)

  • 4 x Chlorine Sanitiser tanks ( side wall near apple polisher)

  • 1 x Sanitiser line (Poly pipes)

  • cheap Citrus bins

  • 2 x Waste bins

  • 4 x pressure gauges next to hammer mills

  • 15 x Visual Signage ( Walls)


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