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  • Are all unused tools removed from the area?

  • Are all cupboards/work surfaces clear of clutter?

  • Are there clear standards for storage?

  • Are visual controls being adhered to in the area?

  • Is waste being disposed of correctly?


  • Are all materials/work in progress located correctly?

  • Are tools identified on a shadow board or easily located and labeled?

  • Are cleaning materials/utensils located correctly?

  • Are materials stored correctly?

  • Is P.P.E. stored correctly?

  • Are stock levels agreed and being adhered to?

  • Are dividing lines and floor markings correctly color coded?

  • Are all items in the area easily identified?


  • Is the floor clean and free from debris?

  • Are cleaning tools handy, stored, organized, and labeled?

  • Is there a cleaning schedule in place?

  • Are backs of machines and surrounding areas kept clean?


  • Are regular 5S audits being carried out?

  • Is all relevant paperwork current and up to date?

  • Is the cleaning schedule being adhered to?

  • Have visual control standards been identified?


  • Are safety rules being adhered to-glasses, safety shoes, etc.?

  • Is the daily cleaning schedule completed correctly?

  • Are rules and work procedures being adhered to?

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