1.0 - Previous inspection

1.1 - Has the Site Safety Audit checklist been completed monthly?

1.2 - Action items are attended to promptly.

2.0 - WHS Administration / Records

2.1 - Safety packs available to all staff

2.2 - WHS Plan documented and available on site

2.3 - Incident and insurance forms available

2.4 - Toolbox talks are completed at least monthly.

2.5 - SWMS available on site and completed by all staff prior to a specific task being carried out

2.6 - Relevant site specific inductions complete for all site staff

3.0 - Safety signs and warnings

3.1 - Safety hazard and warnings signs available (eg chemical application in progress, machinery in operation)

4.0 - Amenities

4.1 - Evacuation plan displayed and communicated to all employees?

4.2 - Extinguishers in place, free of obstructions and clearly marked for type of fire?

4.3 - Extinguishers recently serviced? (Check 6 monthly punch mark on tabs.)

4.4 - Regular cleaning is undertaken

5.0 - First Aid

5.1 - First aid kits available, clearly labelled, accessible and fully stocked

5.2 - First aid procedure, first aider names and emergency contact available

6.0 - Electrical Safety

6.1 - All electrical equipment is tested and tagged?

7.0 - Work at heights

7.1 - Harness available, tested and suitable for required access

7.2 - Work at Height operators are trained and qualified in harness use

8.0 - Personal Protective Equipment

8.1 - Respiratory

8.2 - Hearing

8.3 - Eye

8.4 - Footwear

8.5 - Clothing

8.6 - Skin / UV

8.7 - Gloves

8.8 - Sharps kit

9.0 - Plant, Machinery and Handtools

9.1 - All plant is properly secured / covered for transporting

9.2 - Weekly machinery checklists filled out and collected

9.3 - Operators hold relevant certification, including drivers license, white card and / or trained and competent to use

9.4 - Flashing lights on all machines are clearly visible and operational

9.5 - Ensure ROPS are in place and secure. Seatbelts operational and in good working order

9.6 - Adequate guarding, reverse beepers and safe operating procedures in place. NOTE: all guards must be in place prior to operation of pant and equipment

9.7 - Plant and vehicle logbooks in place and filled in for all plant and vehicles

9.8 - All vehicle security including equipment and trailers are adequate

9.9 - Plant and equipment servicing is up to date. Plant is clean and tidy and in good working order? (Note any plant that needs servicing)

9.10 - Company vehicles are kept clean and tidy, in good safe working order. (Check tyres, ask driver about operation. Inspect for damage)

10.0 - Hazardous substances

10.1 - Hazardous Substance Register complete and available?

10.2 - Safety Data Sheets available for all chemicals? (Note: SDS expire 5 years from date of issue)

10.3 - All chemical containers are labelled correctly?

10.4 - If applicable, special storage conditions are followed? (Bunding, chemical cabinets, segregation of dangerous goods, HAZCHEM signage)

10.5 - Workers are trained in the use of hazardous substances? (ChemCert/ACDC)

10.6 - PPE is available for chemical application and use?

10.7 - Are eye wash/showers available and easily accessible?

10.8 - Spill kit is accessible and fully stocked

11.0 - Environmental

11.1 - Environment Management Plan current for site

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.