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Section 1 - Health and Safety Policy and arrangements

  • Is a written Health and Safety Policy in place and up to date?

  • Does the Health and Safety Policy define responsibilities of individuals/ appointed persons?

  • Is a copy of the Health and Safety Policy available for reference for staff?

  • Is there documented evidence to show staff have read and understood the Policy?

Section 2 - Risk Assessment

  • Has someone been formally identified to ensure risk assessments are carried out, and are these appropriate and sufficient?

  • Is a process in place to ensure that the risk assessments have been reviewed? And by whom?

  • Is there documented evidence to show that risk assessments have been shared with staff?

  • Are COSHH risk assessments in place for all substances?

  • Have Display Screen Equipment risk assessments been carried out where identified?

Section 3 - Premises management

  • Are health and safety inspections carried out regularly?

  • Are the health and safety inspections reviewed?

  • Does an appointed person carry out recorded visual safety inspections of the following areas: services (gas, water and electricity), premises including asbestos, storage equipment, and plant/equipment?

  • Is there documented procedure in place for reporting damages/deficiencies to Premises?

  • Are documents available showing yearly inspections of gas appliances available?

  • Are documents available showing inspections are carried out for portable appliance testing?

  • Are there procedures in place to ensure that privately owned electrical equipment is not used on the premises unless it has I been PAT tested?

  • Are documents available showing 5 yearly inspections for fixed wire testing?

  • Are documents available showing inspections for lifting equipment ( LOLER)?

  • Is a person appointed to liaise with and monitor contractors whilst on site?

  • Is a vehicle movement procedure in place?

  • Is a legionella risk assessment in place?

  • Is a procedure in place to ensure that water temperatures, shower head descaling and monitoring of legionella in place?

  • Are water tanks disinfected cleaned and checked for legionella?

  • Is an up to date asbestos survey in place?

  • Is asbestos monitored on an annual basis and is this recorded?

  • Are procedures in place to ensure that anybody working on the premises aware of Asbestos?

Section 3 - Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • Is there a Fire Risk Assessment in place and has this been reviewed within the last 12 months?

  • Have resulting issues from the Fire Risk Assessment been addressed?

  • Has the premises been provided a fire safety certificate?

  • Are emergency evacuation procedures in place to ensure the premises can be evacuated safely to a dedicated evacuation point? Are these on display in relevant areas?

  • Have all staff (including temporary) received appropriate information/training/instruction in what to do in the event of fire, bomb explosion, gas escape?

  • Is a procedure in place for contacting the emergency services in the event of an emergency?

  • Have all required entries in the fire logbook been completed by a competent person?: Fire door ( monthly), Fire alarm (weekly), emergency lights (monthly), fire extinguishers (monthly)

  • Have fire alarms systems been tested by an approved contractor? (6 monthly/yearly)

  • Have emergency lights been tested by an approved contractor? (6 monthly/yearly)

  • Have fire extinguisher been checked by an approved contractor? (Yearly)

  • Is there documented evidence to show fire drills have been carried out?

  • Is the fire logbook completed and up to date?

Section 4 - Contractor Management/building works

  • Has Somebody been appointed to liaise with contractors undertaking major works?

  • Are written procedures in place to ensure contractors undertaking major works?

  • Are written procedures in place to ensure contractors work within policies and procedures?

  • Has somebody been appointed to manage contractors whilst on site?

  • Is a written record of contractor monitoring kept?

  • Are risk assessments and method statements available for all contractors when working on site?

Section 5 - Accident and Incident reporting and investigation

  • Is there a written written accident, disease and danger occurrence procedure?

  • Are all appropriate accidents recorded and logged and are these available?

  • Has somebody been appointed to review and investigate accidents if appropriate?

  • Do you have evidence to show risk assessments are reviewed because of accidents, diseases or dangerous occurrences?

  • Are accidents reported to the relevant person e.g. HSE?

  • Is the accident book accessible at all times and are staff aware of where this is kept?

Section 6 - Medical, First Aid and Welfare

  • Is an up to date first aid risk assessment in place?

  • Are first aider’s names and locations displayed on signs throughout the premises?

  • Are first aid certificates current, approved and records kept?

  • Is there a designated person who monitors first aid kits?

  • Is a record in place of the locations and number of first aid kits?

  • Is there a record of all first aid treatment available?

  • Are there precautions or procedures in place for specific medical conditions e.g. nut allergies?

Section 7 - safety training

  • Have all staff received induction training when starting employment ( including temporary staff)?

  • Have premises team had relevant specialist training for their job and is this current and up to date?

  • Is a training matrix in place for all staff and identified staff who require training?

Section 8 - Buildings, facilities and grounds

  • Are all internal corridors free from tripping hazards and kept clear of obstructions?

  • Are corridors and stairwell adequately lit?

  • Are stair tread non-slip and are the nosing adequately contrasted?

  • Are staircase hand rails secure?

  • Is glazing secure (not cracked or broken)?

  • Are all external walkways even and free of any uneven surfaces?

  • Are all external walkways adequately lit?

  • Are boiler room/ plant rooms and electrical switch gear free from combustibles?

  • Are fences in a good state of repair?

  • Are hedges kept cut to ensure branches brambles etc do not protrude the walkway?

  • Has a risk assessment been carried out by a competent persons on any trees if required?

  • Are refuse and recycling bins stored securely and away from buildings?

  • Are all COSHH substances, flammable equipment stored securely and tidy?

Section 9 - Personal safety and security

  • Have risk assessments been carried for those staff whose personal safety is most likely to be at risk whilst at work? E.g. lone working

  • Is a suitable procedure in place for the security of the premises?

  • Are there clear signs in place to show visitors/contractors where to report to when arriving on site?

  • Is there an appointed person responsible for security, who carries out checks to ensure the building is secure?

  • Is there a procedure for key holders responding to out of hours incidents?

Section 10 - Swimming pool

  • Is a risk assessment in place for the safe use of pool?

  • Are suitable notices in place informing visitors of safe use of the pool?

  • Have staff had relevant first aid training?

  • Is swimming pool checked periodically for cleanliness?

  • Is somebody responsible for checking the water/filters/chemicals and is this logged?

Section 11 - Kitchens

  • Have staff received relevant training? e.g. food hygiene?

  • Are there procedures in place for the safe handling of foods?

  • Are there sufficient risk assessments in place for the kitchen and are staff aware of these?

  • Are procedures in place to ensure kitchen is a safe working environment?

  • Are kitchens cleaned regularly and is this recorded?

  • Are kitchens subject to a deep clean? Oven hoods extraction?

  • Are all kitchen appliances serviced regularly by a approved contractor?

  • Are foods stored correctly and is this routinely checked? Dates etc.

  • Is there a Policy in place for serving foods to visitors with allergies?

  • Signature of person carrying out audit

  • Signature of premises representative

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