• Chainsaws used on site?

  • Safety features in place?

  • Chipper used on site?

  • Safety features in place?

  • Stump Grinder used??

  • Safety features in place?

  • Working at Height?

  • Climbing kit suitable and fit for purpose?

  • MEWP on site?

  • Safety features in place?


  • Please indicate all PPE used. A tick indicates fit for purpose and correct type.

  • Chainsaw boots?

  • Safety helmet?

  • Eye protection?

  • First aid kit?

  • Hi-Viz top?

  • Gloves?

  • Hearing protection?

  • Fire extinguisher?

  • Hand Cleaner?

Works info

  • Work ref no:

  • Tree species?

  • Brief description of works?

  • TM needed on site?

  • TM plan used?

Site information

  • Nearest A&E hospital?

  • Phone signal strength?

  • Wildlife risk?

  • Weather conditions?

  • Are weather condition likely to impact on works?

  • Describe actions taken

  • Is the wind speed likely to influence direction of branch fall in a bad way?

  • What action will be taken to deal with this?

  • Describe other.

Generic risk assessments

  • General Ground works?

  • Hand tools?

  • Highway?

  • Rigging?

  • Pole pruner?

  • Hedge cutter?

  • MEWP?

  • Powerlines?

  • Tree climbing?

  • Crane?

  • Chainsaws used?

  • Ladders?

  • Tree planting

  • Felling?

  • Wood chipper?

  • Grubbing?

  • Noise and or vibration?

  • Stump grinder

  • Bonfires?

  • Manual handling?

  • Aware of Tetanus?

  • Working near water course?

  • Area of Lyme disease?


  • Chain oil?

  • Diesel?

  • London plane?

  • Petrol?

  • Red diesel?

  • Two stroke oil?

  • Eco plugs?

Additional infomation

  • Describe any hazards or measures not covered by any of the above:

  • Photo of site set up and or any other hazards

Sign off

  • Team leader

  • Other gang members with names

Completion of works

  • Area clear of all hazards on completion?

  • If no, then what actions taken to ensure a safe site?

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