Retail Review

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Promotional layout plan / Promotional lines:
Execution to plan, Store decision of best layout to drive sales for their store?
Are there any key sales drivers for this week missed off the table layout?
Has late week specials in the best selling space been applied to logic?
one pager followed through?
Review off locations and look for selling opportunities

Quality review
Is product produced to spec?
Product produced to recipe standards / Ingredients correct / Finished correctly?
Correct packaging standards followed?
Would i buy it test - if you wouldn't buy it then it shouldn't be on display

Ticket review:
baguettes multi buy ticketing
All special ticketing correct, special labels on product packaging for lines on promotion

Late week specials:
Available and tied up strongly, off located where possible, supported by ticketing and stock weight
Are sales being maximised? What other opportunities are there to sell more?

Range: overall above 80%.
Review what is missing from the full range and look for sales opportunities

Loose self serve range over 80%

Bread range over 80%

Scone range over 80%

Artisan / Specialty Bread / Pizzas over 80%

Rolls Pre Packed over 80%

Sweet bun over 80%

Muffins packaged over 80%

Danish / croissants packaged over 80%

Cake range over 80%

Sponge range over 80%

Fresh Cream over 80%

Lockdown tie up appropriate


Check for unsafe practice / conditions e.g. no knives on benches, ice build up in freezers, unsafe stacking, unsafe acts observed

Ensure no products or packaging is stored on the floor in back areas, chillers or freezers or on top of chillers and proovers.

Check fire extinguishers and hoses are easily accessible & they have been tagged in the last 12 months

Check for correct use of PPE

Perform an iLead if you see any unsafe acts

Recognise any positive safety actions / initiatives you observe

Ask Dept team to share any safety initiatives they have

Food Safety

Complete date stock check of rear area, 555 to be used

Do all ingredients out of original packaging have trace labels.
All labels accurate and up to date

Product storage clean and organised

Is only product required for current production or filling out of the chiller / freezer

Is bacon in a sealed container?
Is egg pulp stored on bottom shelf? (Allergen)
Are sesame seeds stored beneath all other allergens

Do all products have ingredients labels on them?
Check all items with a RTC sticker to ensure it is not covering ingredients & nutritional information

Ensure all food in the rear chiller is covered to prevent contamination

Look at cleanliness of the department ( retail & back rooms ). Floors, walls, chillers,machinery and containers. Does the cleaning roster reflect the standards? Has it been signed off daily / weekly?

Review the temperature book, has it been filled out correctly, has the probe been calibrated in the last week. Ask a staff member how they take a temperature

Review the defrost log, Up to date, completed correctly?
Correct dates applied to the defrosted product as per the BB date guidelines

Date check stock in storerooms and chillers / freezers, has it been rotated?


Using todays out of code report review product due to expire to ensure appropriate markdowns have occurred, also product expiring today has been removed from display and that a markdown had been actioned.

Date check stock in the retail area, is all required stock entered into 5-5-5 and is action being taken early enough to clear stock?

Check rubbish bins, are they clear rubbish bags and has product that has been dumped been recorded on the RF gun? Is there product in the rubbish bin that should have been marked down but wasn't?

If shrink is an issue conduct a root cause analysis review


Production Planner
Review last 7 days
Is production planner folder labelled for each day monday to sunday?
Is 2.15 walk being completed by department manager?

Review promotional planning

Ensure each department has the applicable SMP map/s (layout) in place

Check todays morning routine (quick wins / gap scan) has been completed

Check tuesdays detailed routine. Check 5 products (highs/lows) within zone to ensure SOH is correct, adjustment made etc

Check wastage area and bins are clearly labelled and SOH is adjusted prior to placing stock in the bin (Check this on the RF gun)

Loose product should be stored in original box labelled LOOSE and QTY

Negative SOH report been actioned today?

No orders overdue by 3 days or more on the orders by expected report
Check for open orders

Check MPLS are set correctly


Review OR and wage results since previous visit. Review roster for opportunities, are the team in the right place at the right time?

Go through financial results of department and prepare to discuss successes and opportunities, devise an action plan prior to visiting the store

Ensure all staff in your departments are adhering to the uniform policy

Review administration, are they keeping on top of it, how are they communicating to team, how are they storing information?

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Department Manager Signature: _________________________
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