Monthly Site Compliance Inspection Report

Cleaning cupboard

  • Site pack present & complete with current method statements, risk assessments and COSSH sheets inside

  • Current cleaning specification available?

  • Accident book on site and being used and accident reports currently completed / sent to HO?

  • Operating Safely? Trips and slips poster displayed? (Attach photo)

  • Training guides module posters displayed?

  • Area Manager and Helpdesk call centre number displayed? (Attach photo)

  • Colour coding notices displayed? (Attach photo)

  • Colour coding being actively adhered to?

  • Materials kept locked securely on site?

  • Only authorised chemicals being used and stored in cleaning rooms?

  • Cleaning room to clean and tidy standard? (Attach photo)

  • Wet floor signs being used properly on site?

  • Holiday planner on wall and up to date? (Attach photo)

  • Machinery / equipment clean?

  • Material stock levels correct?

  • Any staffing issues on site?

  • Scrubber drier filters clean (physically check) and tanks left open to air? (Attach photo)

  • Check scrubber drier is used daily?

  • Scrubber drier floor pads and squeegee bars being removed and washed daily? (Attach photo)

  • Is scrubber drier not leaking when in use (condemn and book for repair immediately if so)?

  • Scrubber drier dirty water recovery tank washed out daily and lid left open to enable drying? (Attach photo)

  • Tee and Vee sweep socks vacuumed daily and washed monthly? (Attach photo)

  • Cables properly wrapped on vacs and buffing machines and all cables inc ext leads checked for any splits, plug / socket grips loose / burn marks?

  • Carry out extension lead visual checks?

  • Tub vacs got bags in and being regularly replaced? (Attach photo)


  • Holiday booking process being used properly / holidays being booked and recorded? (Attach photo)

  • Are absence records being maintained properly? (Attach photo)

  • All staff provided full right to work documentation and on payroll system?

  • All staff have a rest day (not working 7 days)?

  • Contingency plan in place for sickness / Hol cover?


  • Every member of staff on site with a signed training record covering induction and wet floor signage / slip training. (Attach photo)

  • Training guidelines visible and accessible on wall in cleaning room? (Attach photo)

  • Insurance document in date and displayed on wall in cleaning room?

  • Personnel files on site kept securely?

  • Training records on site for all staff and all signed by operatives?

  • Signing in book on site and completed correctly?

Cleaning audit

  • Most recent audit score:

  • Over scored, under scored or true value?

Correct Dress Code

  • In store cleaning manager / supervisor in correct and clean uniform?

  • Cleaning operatives in correct and clean uniform?

  • Janitors in correct and clean uniform?

Site manager / supervisor customer relations

  • Positive feedback about our site manager or supervisor from usual site client manager we deal with?

  • Store manager feedback about our site manager or supervisor?

Site manager / supervisor performance and ability

  • Understands the spec and drives quality to required standard?

  • Controlling wage spend to budget?

  • Managing staff absence properly?

Matalan Account specific checks

  • Check signing in book is in office?

  • Next audit booked?

  • Check store management are checking and signing for hours worked each day?

  • Ensure staff rotas are adhered to?

  • Holiday and absence cover checked?

  • Ensure Matalan personnel are using their own cleaning products?

  • Check staff rota job cards are displayed?

Audit Summary

Audit Summary

  • Action summary:

  • Any other comments:

  • GSA Area Manager Signature

  • Matalan store signature:

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