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  • Proposed method of evaluation - will be based on what best suites Guardian Site Solutions client and the availability of trades and materials required.

  • Decision timeline and review process - Guardian Site Solutions will undertake the review of this RFQ once it has been received. once a decision has been made the successful company will be notified.

  • Contract terms and conditions - will be discussed on a contract by contract basis

  • Submission requirements - are required to be digitally as much as possible, in either PDF, word doc or equivalent

  • Disclaimer - Guardian Site Solutions believe the information contained within this request for quotation report to be correct at the time of sending. Guardian Site Solutions do not accept responsibility for any consequences arising from the use of the information herein.

    The RFQ is based on matters which were observed or came to the attention of Guardian Site Solutions during the day of the assessment and should not be relied upon as an exhaustive record of all required in the scope of works.

    Guardian Site Solutions holds no responsibility for the following;

    material delays or shortages causing contractors to be unable to complete the works required.
    site measurements that have not been architecturally confirmed.
    Issues arising from outside of Guardian Site Solutions control, EG weather / Government lockdowns / Site access.

    Also please note Guardian Site Solutions will assume that all submitted quotes will be EX GST unless stated.

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