Room PM

Guestroom Number

Select date

Entrance Door and Frame Need Touch-up?

Door and/or Frame Touched up

Does door completely close on own without slamming?

Adjust door closer settings

Opening speed

Closing Speeds

Latch Speed

Adjust Closer Spring Power

Does door completely close on own without slamming after corrections?

Are Hinges Squeak free?

Lubricate Hinges

Hinges lubricated

Hinges squeak free after repair?

Deadbolt Working Properly?

What was wrong with the deadbolt?

Peephole Lenses Clear and Free of Scratches?

Peephole replaced

Weather Stripping In Place and In Good Condition

Weather stripping replaced

Closet Doors Closing Properly?

Rate Card Present with Proper Information?

Install Rate Card Holder and/or Rate Card

Iron & Ironing Board Holders Present and Secure?

Install Iron & Ironing Board Holder

Secure Iron & Ironing Board Holder

Phone Programmed, Proper Operation & Proper Information Displayed?

Repair Phone

TV Operating Properly?

Action Taken

TV Remote Working Properly?

TV Remote Batteries Checked?

TV Remote Replaced?

All Drawers Opening and Closing Smoothly?

Safe Operating Properly?

Safe Battery Status?

Batteries Repalced

Electrical Switches and Outlets Working Properly?

Is light Switch On?

Does outlet have power?

Check Breaker

Turn Breaker Off and Replace Outlet

Cover Plates Paint Free and In Good Condition?

Replace Cover Plate

Wall Paint Uniform and Free from Spots, Stains or Flashing?

Perform Touch-Up

Baseboard Paint Uniform and Free from Stains?

Perform Touch-Up

Alarm Clock Operating and Set to Correct Time?

Set to Correct Time

Alarm Clock Battery Status?

Battery Replaced

All Light Fixtures Working Properly and Have Correct Bulbs?

Action Taken

Installed Correct Bulbs

Carpet and Furniture Stain and Defect Free?

Include Picture

Create HotSOS Service Order, Include Pictures and Order Number

A/C Working Properly?

What is the Issue?


Create HotSOS Service Order and Record Service Order Number

Is the Issue Repaired?

Filter & Coil Clean?

What Action was Taken?

Drapery Track and Rollers Secure

Secure Track and Rollers

Bed Frame and Headboard Secure?

Action Taken

Wall Paper Seams and Corners Rip Free?

Create HotSOS Service Order, Include Order Number and Include Picture in HotSOS.

Include Picture

All Door Handles Tightened?

Balcony Door Lock Working Properly?

Repair Lock

Minibar Operating Properly?

Is it plugged in?

Is there power coming from the outlet?

Check breaker

Is temperature dial set to cold?

Replace Minibar


Exhaust Fan Cover Clean and Dust Free?

Remove and Clean Cover

Door and Frame Need Touch-up?

Door and/or Frame Touched up

Sink and Shower/Tub Draining Properly?

Clear Tub/Shower Drain

Remove and Clean Sink P-Trap

Clear Tub/Shower Drain

Clear Sink Drain with Zip-It

Remove and Sink Clean P-Trap

Use Drain Treatment After Cleaning Drains

Sink & Tub/Shower Faucet Leak?

Repair or Replace Sink & Tub/Shower Cartridge

Repair or Replace Shower/Tub Faucet Handle Cartridge

Repair or Replace Sink Faucet or Handle Stem Cartridge

Sink & Shower/Tub Chip Free?

Create HotSOS Service Request, Include Picture and Service Order Number

Include Picture

Shower/Tub Grout and Caulk in Good Condition?



Re-Grouted and Re-Caulked

Electrical Switches and Outlets Working Properly?

Is Light Switch On?

Does Outlet Have Power?

Check Breaker

Shut Off Breaker and Replace Outlet

Cover Plates Paint Free and In Good Condition?

Replace Cover Plates

Shower Doors Properly Secured?

Adjust Shower Doors

Toilet Bowl & Seat Secure, Bolt Covers ON?

Secured Toilet

Secured Toilet Seat

Replaced Toilet Seat

Replaced Bolt Caps

Toilet Fill Valve Working Properly?

Replace Fill Valve

Toilet Tank Fills to Proper Level?

Adjust Fill Level

Towel Racks and Hooks Secured and Rust Free?

Tighten Towel Racks and/or Hooks

Replace Towel Racks and/or Hooks

Toilet Paper Holder Secure?

Tighten Toilet Paper Holder

GFCI Working Properly, Tested, Reset?

Shut Off Breaker and Replace GFCI


Walls Patched

Walls Touched-Up

Walls Re-Painted

Baseboard Touched-Up

Door Painted

A/C Filter Changed

A/C Coil Cleaned

Ceiling Painted


A/C Temp Cooling

A/C Temp Heating

Minibar Temp

Hot Water Temp - Sink

Time to Get Hot

Hot Water Temp - Shower/Tub

Time to Get Hot

Toilet Tank Fill Time

Door Close Time from Full Open



Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.