Element of building

Element Number



Check list

Remove panel

Remove insulation and note any dampness
if wet take photo and indicate area

Remove existing silicon back of panel.

Clean the inside of panel using cleaners

Apply/Seal and tool the mastic to back of panel and corners

Drill hole in the sub frame as per the M.S.

Install the Insulation

Clean the surface for receiving the membrane and apply bead of mastic.

Apply membrane over the bead of mastic and work in to give full contact

Apply additional bead of mastic to seal membrane edge.

Clean the face of sub frame on top with cleaners.

Apply bead of mastic on top edge and face of frame

Clean and remove the existing sealant from inside of panels.

Install the panel back with new screws.
Seal the redundant holes with silicone

Clean the panel surface and mark on top sketch the panel rectified.

Inspection by manager