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  • 1. Do kitchen staff know who there OSH representative is?

  • 2. Do staff know where Hazard & Incident forms are kept?

  • 3.Do staff know what to do in the event of a fire? Evacuation points?

  • 4. Do staff know what to do if a faulty piece of equipment is found.

  • 5. Do staff know what to do if they are injured at work?

  • 6. Do staff know what actions to take if they found a potential hazard?

  • 7. Are staff wearing the appropriate footwear?

  • 8. Light adequate for activities, functional lights?

  • 9. SDS sheets for chemicals are easily accessible?

  • 10. PPE is available and used where appropriate?

  • 11. Floor area is free from clutter, walkways clear?

  • 12. Fire extinguishers/hoses checked within 12 months ?Fire blankets in place?

  • 13.Hand held electrical equipment tagged and tested within past 12 months?

  • 14. Blue band aids available for kitchen staff?

  • 15. Do staff know who their MH Leader is?

  • 16.Have storage areas been arranged so that heavier items stored between shoulder and thighs, light items only above eye level?

  • 17.Are mechanical aids available and used as required? eg dollies and trolleys

  • 18. Are there any sections of the floor that are wet / slippery / worn?

  • 19.Have there been any staff injuries in the kitchen in the past 6 or 12 months

  • 20.Are there any OSH issues Staff would like to raise?

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