• Instructions: Weekly, place a "yes or check mark" next to all inspections items that meet facility rules. Place a "no" next to all inspections items that do not meet the rules. Please provide specific comments and pictures on all "no-marked" items. When weekly inspection is completed, inspector must print and sign at the bottom of the report. Report all No-marked items to appropriate supervisor immediately.

  • Number of containers in unit:

  • Hazardous

  • Non Hazardous

  • Drum continent

  • Containers dated 90 days or less

  • Is each container marked with the words "Hazard waste" and words identifying the contents?

  • Is container marked with the date the accumulation began?

  • Are containers in good condition?

  • Is container made of material that will not react with the waste which is stores?

  • Are all containers always closed while holding hazardous waste?

  • Are all containers opened, handled or stored in a manner that prevents it from rupturing or leaking?

  • Are all containers at least 50 feet from the property line?

  • Are incompatible wasted or materials placed in different containers?

  • Are hazardous waste placed in washed, cleaned containers when they previously held incompatible wastes?

  • Are incompatible hazardous waste separated from each other by a berm, dike, wall or other devises?

  • Are all hazardous wastes and associated residues removed from the containment system daily?

  • Appropriate aisle space maintained?

  • Do all containers have secondary containment?

  • Is at least one of the emergency coordinators available on the premises or on call to coordinate emergency response measures?

  • Is there an operator monitoring the accumulation container?

  • Does each satellite accumulation container meet the hazardous waste container requirements?

  • Are all satellite containers routinely checked to insure that no one container has more than 55 gallons of hazardous waste?

  • Note: Sate and federal regulations require that this inspection be performed weekly.

    Emergency coordinators:
    Jim Leblanc: (985)-258-7910
    Jerry Hendricks: (985) 291-1607

    Manager--Jerry Hendricks: direct:(985)-354-4337

    24 Hour Answering Service:800-487-9971

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