• Document No.

  • Event Systematic Review of ;

  • Location of event
  • Date of event

  • Client

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by


  • Event Profile

  • Time of year

  • Indoor or outdoor

  • Number of attendees / breakdown

  • Number of contractors on project

  • Overall Event Value

  • Repeated event? Injury rate / claims history

  • Promotor

  • Production Team Company Manager

  • Site Manager Company and name

  • Competent Safety Advice - Company and named person

  • SAG Local Authority

Significant Elements

  • Temporary and demountable structures - non inflatable

  • Crane lifts scheduled

  • Rigging

  • Inflatables

  • Funfair or other amusements

  • Complex Built Environment

  • Mobile catering

  • Fixed catering

  • Indoor theatrical pyrotechnics

  • Fireworks

  • Aircraft display

  • River or water hazards

  • Extreme sports


  • Loud noise or music

  • Overnight entertainment

  • Car parking

  • Lorry and or caravan parking

  • Camping

Health and safety file

    n/a - Does not apply to this event
    0 - No evidence of compliance
    1 - In early stages of development / minimum evidence / anecdotal
    2 - Evidence available but out of date or incomplete
    3 - Evidence of full compliance

    All questions specific to the event and not individual companies delivering the event unless the client is also the promotor and producer

Health and Safety

  • Is there a safety policy statement signed and dated specific for the event

  • Organisation chart

  • Full communications chart

  • Radio fleet map

  • Defined roles and responsibilities

General Arrangements

  • Build, derig schedules

  • Deployment plan major services

  • Drug and alcohol policy in place

  • Is there a smoking policy

  • Are arrangements for managing contractors detailed

  • Are general arrangements for work at height detailed

  • Are general arrangements for safeguarding detailed


  • Venue suitable for type of event

  • Site map showing diemensions

  • Capacities included

  • Crowd profile

Temporary and Demountable Structures

  • Are all TDS due diligence checks detailed

  • Is the process of handover detailed

  • Are all details of construction detailed, inc materials, weight limits static and dynamic

  • Are all TDS required to be affiliated to their trade association

  • Have all details of inflatable play equipment usage been detailed

Ticket Management

  • Ticket checking plan

  • Search plan

  • Arrival profile detailed

  • Queue management detailed

  • Pass outs and wrist bands detailed

  • Visiting officials policy detailed

  • Tokens and cash handling detailed

Event Services

  • Contractor due dilligence

  • Stewarding plan inc dot plan

  • Are details of steward and security briefings recorded

  • Have all stewards and security been issued emergency instruction information / booklet / leaflet

  • Security plan detailed

  • Do all plans consider those with additional needs

  • Noise management ES staff

  • Staff welfare and time management ES staff

  • Are there sufficient crowd barriers for queue and crowd movement operations

  • A there sufficient staffing resources for the duration of each shift

  • Are details of communicating with the public detailed

  • Are there suitable and sufficient equipment resources for the event (inc emergency conditions)

  • Has sufficient lighting been detailed for provision for the duration of the event

Transport Plan

  • Has a TTRO been implemented where needed

  • If using TM Company has due diligence been undertaken and recorded

  • Off site traffic management plan

  • Are all event drivers due diligence checks complete and a register held

  • Are all drivers of plant qualified and certificates or licenses checked and recorded (IPAF, CSCS, CPCS, RTITIB etc)

  • On site traffic management arrangements inc signage and speed limits

  • High risk activities identified and managed

  • Is Emergency vehicle access detailed

Noise management

  • Is there a suitable and sufficient noise plan detailing times and limitations of license

  • Has noise management been controlled for all staff engaged in delivering event

  • Has the appropriate PPE been identified, selected and is being provided for staff and instruction of use been detailed

  • Is there an environmental noise management survey schedule detailed with identified MNL's


  • Are there suitable welfare arrangements detailed in the plan

  • Have sufficient sanitary provisions been identified

  • Have sufficient baby changing areas and resources been identified

  • Ae there sufficient methods of giving information to public detailed, including signage and designated welfare points

Medical Provision

  • Are sufficient medical provisions detailed for type of event

  • Has a schedule of deployment been detailed for all phases

Waste Management

  • Are general arrangements for waste detailed

  • Is the event accredited to ISO 20121 or applying principles of sustainability management

  • Has an onward waste management process been detailed

  • Where amnesty bins are used are security protocols detailed

Weather Management

  • Are details of weather monitoring detailed

  • Are weather action limits and values detailed

  • Are significant TDS structures fitted with an integral anemometer that feeds data to event control

  • Are weather related pre scripted messages prepared to inform public of weather hazards


  • Are all generators supplied with appropriate documentation

  • Are all fixed electrical supplies tested and in date and evidence recorded

  • Is there an appointed certified electrician available during all event phases

  • Are back up systems detailed for critical services

  • Are details of temporary electrical circuit handovers detailed

Barriers and Fences

  • Are all barriers selected appropriate for task

Gas Safety

  • Are temporary gas services processes and procedures detailed

  • Are all fixed gas supply processes and inspection regimes recorded

Production Safety

  • Is there a stage manager or producer on duty for each main element

  • Are laser safety issues detailed incl NOHD and MEL

  • Has audience scanning been banned at the event

  • Has strobe safety been detailed recorded and communicated to operators

  • Have indoor pyro plans been detailed and test firing scheduled

  • Are fireworks display plans suitable and sufficient

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments

  • Is there a general event risk assessment

  • Has a counter terrorism risk assessment been conducted by Police

  • Is there a crowd safety risk assessment

  • Is there a Traffic risk assessment

  • Is there a noise management plan risk assessment

  • Have significant manual handling risk been assessed

  • Is there a specific fireworks risk assessment

  • Is there a production element risk assessment

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

  • Is there a fire safety management plan

  • Have site plans and occupancy capacities been detailed for all spaces inc evac times

  • Has a responsible person been identified (per RRFSO)

  • Is there a venue fire risk assessment available for event planning putposes

  • Has an event fire risk assessment been conducted

  • Ignition and fuel sources

  • Fire spread

  • Fire warning system

  • Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Training

  • Evacuation Routes

  • Specific persons at risk

  • Action plan

Emergency Planning

Emergency Plan Framework

  • Does it detail what constitutes emergency for this event

  • Are emergency roles and responsibilities detailed

  • Is the process for declaring emergency incident detailed

  • Are there clear and concise immediate actions for reasonably foreseeable scenarios

  • Are clear evacuation protocols detailed for all staff and general public at the event

  • Are clear and concise emergency evacuation processes and procedures detailed for VIP & VVIP's

  • Are details of a grab bag detailed

  • Have RVP's been identified in planning

  • Have emergency communications with staff been clearly defined, detailed and communicated

  • Have adequate preparations for emergency communication with the crowd been detailed

  • Has adequate event emergency readiness testing been planned for prior to the event

  • Has a suitable transfer of command protocol been agreed and recorded

  • Have suitable details been prepared for media management

  • Have suitable arrangements been made for monitoring and management of social media

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