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What is being reported

  • A near miss or dangerous occurrence

  • Damage to a building or property

  • An incident resulting in injury

  • A violent incident

  • A case of work related ill health

  • When did the incident occur

  • Client / Site

  • Wide area picture of site

  • Prepared by

Part A

PART A - To be completed by the person reporting the incident or the injured person

Description of incident

  • What was the exact location of the incident. Include address, building or grid reference and room name/number.
  • What happened? Describe the incident. Give as much information as possible. Include what was happening at the time the incident occurred.

  • Relevant photos or video

  • If this was a violent incident, what waste nature of the incident?

Police involvement

  • Were the police informed?

  • Date anytime police informed

  • How were the Police informed?

  • Crime number

  • Notes

Injury details

  • Describe the exact parts of the body injured

  • Full name of injured person

  • Date of birth

  • Male or Female

  • Home address
  • Contact number

  • Employer address if contractor or agency
  • Next of kin name and tel

Classification of injured person

  • Employee

  • Member of public

  • Agency worker

  • Contractor

Witness information

  • We're there any witnesses to this incident?

  • Witness name

  • Witness contact number and email address

  • Witness postal address
  • Witness statement

  • Any photos taken by witnesses


  • Incident reported to at site

  • We're any other agencies or external bodies informed. If so who and when?

  • Who made this report

Part B

To be completed by the relevant responsible person or manager or event organiser

RIDDOR reporting - if anyone was injured were they....

  • An employee who lost consciousness or needed resuscitation

  • An employee who suffered a major injury

  • An employee who was hospitalised for more than 24 hours

  • An employee who was absent for more than 7 consecutive days

  • A member of the public, visitor etc, who was taken to hospital direct from the site of the incident

  • Has the incident been reported under RIDDOR

  • If reported under RIDDOR, when?

  • If reported under RIDDOR, who made the report?


  • What initial treatment was given

  • What happened to the casualty

  • How were they transported and who by

  • If the person went to a medical facility, which one.


  • Detail any potential causes of the incident that have been identified during the initial investigation

  • Relevant media

Actions taken to prevent recurrence

  • Detail all actions taken

  • Is a further detailed investigation required?



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Voice notes

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