Key Information

Description of Work

Site Access

Have you seen the STW induction dvd?

What is the stw induction card number?

Do you have your anglian ID card?

Do you have a valid copy of the authorisation?

Are you able to demonstrate the location of the authorisation in the pack?

Do you have a copy of the STW/anglian handbook?

Are you aware of the closed gate policy?

Have you signed/fobbed in?

Risk Assesments/Method Statements

Does the risk assessment cover all the hazards where you are working?

Is the method statement being followed?

Do you have an SR3 (field map) available?

Do you know who has the SR5 (field pass sheet)?

Are you happy with the maps that you have been provided with?


Do you know the PPE mandatory requirements?

Are you aware of your responsibility under the PPE regs 1992?

Wearing class 3 hi vis vest in good condition?

Wearing hard hat/bump cap in good condition?

Wearing appropriate safety footwear in good condition?

Wearing appropriate gloves in good condition?

Wet weather coat available and in good condition?

Is hearing protection immediately available?

Is eye protection immediately available?

Is respiratory protection Available? (Where required)

Wearing company uniform? (Polo shirt and trousers)


Have you got the leptospirosis card?

Have you got hand wipes/hand gel available?

First Aid

Is a first aid kit available?

Is the first aid kit in date/complete?

What is the first aid kit number?

Is the first aid kit stowed in the allocated area?

Are you aware that first aid training is available?

Vehicle and Plant

Do you have your CPC card available?

Do you have the appropriate licences/plant training certificates?

Is the vehicle in good condition?

Is the CB in working order?

Do you have a defect book?

Has the defect book been completed?

State any defects logged by driver. Include pictures where necessary


Has the working area been considered for the vehicle/plant?

Is the forward facing camera in a working condition?

Is the camera correctly used? (Plugged in and recording)

Has the memory card been formatted?

Is a shovel present on the vehicle?

Is a brush present on the vehicle?

Is a D link available on the vehicle?

Is a tow strap available on the vehicle?

Is the towing pin present and in good condition?

Overhead Power Lines

Are there overhead power lines present on site?

Are you aware of your vehicle height when working near OHPL?

Are signs/cones available and in use?

Are goalposts being used?

Are you aware of the 15 metre exclusion zone around the OHPLs?

Does the map clearly indicate any overhead powerlines?

Signage - Working on the Highways

Does TMA apply?

Have you completed streetworks training?

Are suitable and sufficient signs available and being used?

Working at Height

Are you aware that you are working at height?

Are 3 points of contact maintained when entering/exiting the vehicle?


Are COSHH assessments available and in date?

Are containers correctly marked?

Are substances stored correctly?


Are you aware of what to do in an emergency?

Do you know how to report hazards/safe acts/accidents /near misses?

Are you following the lone working procedure?

Are you working to the working time directive? (Tachograph)

Manual Handling

Have you undertaken manual handling training?

Work Environment

Is the standard of housekeeping in the vehicle acceptable?

Is the standard of housekeeping in the work area acceptable?

Is lighting/ventilation adequate?



Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.