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Health & Safety

Emergency Evacuation

  • Show how to raise the alarm by activating the nearest call point.

  • Explain what to do upon hearing the alarm (Evacuate to Lady Lawson Street / Lauriston Place Junction).

  • Show the shortest route(s) to Evacuation Assembly Point.

  • Show the location of fire extinguishers. Advise that NES staff are not expected to fight fires.

  • Show and explain fire notices.

  • Inform the day and time of weekly fire alarm test (Fridays at 9:30am).

  • Show availability of evacuation chairs and refuge points.

  • Does the inductee have any requirements regarding Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)?

Explain the below information:

  • Due to the low number of staff working from our sites as a consequence of hybrid working, it may be that no Fire Warden sweep or incomplete Fire Warden sweeps take place, so it is imperative that all personnel:

    - sign in and sign out of the building using the books provided
    - respond appropriately upon hearing the alarm sound and;
    - gather at the assembly point

    NES Hosts should accompany any visitors to the assembly point during building evacuations.

  • Has the above statement been explained?

First Aid

  • Inform - Who are the Appointed Person(s) for the site.

  • Inform - the location of first aid boxes, defibrillator(s) and any other first aid facilities.

  • See First Aid Equipment Map:

    First Aid Map.png
  • Show the location of the Accident Book and how to raise Accident Reports on the Accident Management System.


  • Inform – The need to ensure personal security.<br>(e.g. belongings, working alone, access/egress darkness, car park safety, wear and display ID badges)

  • Inform – The requirement to ensure physical/NES security (e.g. IT, property, documents, locking workstation, visitors)

  • Explain/Show – Explain – The actions to take regarding a suspect package.


  • Inform – The requirement to complete Essential Learning H&S training modules. Has to be completed in first 3 months.

Health & Safety Concerns

  • Explain – Management System (Line Manager / H&S Representative / Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee / H&S Advisor) - More information on the Health and Safety section of the Intranet.

  • Show – The availability of Health & Safety Policies and procedures on the Intranet.

  • Explain – Responsibility to set up workstation ergonomically and complete a DSE assessment – (Guidance on Intranet).

  • Explain how to report potential hazards/repairs/maintenance issues to appropriate section.

Induction Summary

  • I have received a Venue Induction as detailed.

  • Signature of person conducting the induction.

  • Copy to be held by new member of staff and their line manager.

    Copy to be forwarded to HR for inclusion in personal file.

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