Hoarding,Roadside vending, General Activity

  • Business name

  • Address
  • Date

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Prepared by

  • Address

  • Parcel No:

  • Photograph of area and paths

DM5 # Number Application information

  • Is the application on the approved form?

  • Is there documents and materials as per the form?

  • Are the fees paid?

  • Is there any other information or approvals required

Information Request

  • Is further information required Under Part 2 section 8 subsection 5 through 9?

General Criteria

  • Is a separate approval required under an Act, a Law of the Commonwealth or the Local Government Planning Scheme?

  • Will the proposed operation and management of the activity be adequate to protect public health, safety and amenity. and prevent environmental harm?

  • Will the granting of the permit be consistent with the purpose of the Local Law

  • Will the proposed operation and Management of the activity be consistent with any additional criteria prescribed for the activity under the Local law?

  • Will the proposed operation and management of the activity be consistent with Best Practice Management?

  • Does the application relate to trust land, the grant of the permit must be consistent with the terms and conditions of the trust

  • If the application relates to a prescribed activity mentioned in section 6(b) the grant of the approval would be consistent with any requirements or criteria specified in the relevant Local Government Act in relation to the approval or permit?

  • Is granting the permit beneficial for the good rule and governance of the Local government area?

  • The granting of the permit would not be detrimental to the good rule and governance of the area?

  • Has the applicant been convicted of a breach of a local law relevant to the subject matter of the application within the last three years?

  • Is the granting of the permit reasonable in the circumstance?

  • Has there been a similar approval under the repealed local laws?

  • Is the application the same as an application for which that the local government has already made a decision refusing the permit?

  • Will the activity detract from the capacity of the road to provide a vehicular and, where relevant, pedestrian thoroughfare

  • Will the activity constitute a nuisance or a danger to any person or property;

  • Will the activity obstruct access from the footway to kerbside parking;

  • Will the activity adversely affect the amenity of the area or the environment;

  • Will the activity adversely affect the existing services located in, along, over or adjacent to a road.


  • Will the permit be granted unconditionally?

  • Will the permit be granted subject to conditions?

  • Will the permit be refused?

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