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  • Location
  • Is a valid HMO license on display?

  • Is a valid gas certificate on display?

  • Is a valid EPC on display?

  • Are the correct repairs & emergency contact details on display

  • Is the property services information sheet on display?

Review of HMO License

  • Are all the special conditions in Schedule 5 being met? (ignoring any condition on Fire Safety for this page)

Fire Safety Requirements

  • Test Smoke alarms

  • Is there a Grade D smoke alarm on every floor, lounge, one in each bedroom and heat detector in the kitchen?

  • Do all the doors leading onto the fire escape have fire doors (3 hinges, seal, strips, over head closers)?

  • Is all the furniture (overhead closers and hinges x 3) to the doors working correctly and undamaged i.e the door should close quickly and latch slowly, the door should latch closed shut. Seal and strip are in tact.

  • Have the fire doors been left propped open?

  • Do all the fire doors have a maximum of a 3mm gap to the side and head and no more than 8mm to the bottom of the door?

  • If the gas or electric meter are located on the fire escape have they been protected with 30 fire resistant materials?

  • If a bedroom has the requirement to pass through a high risk room to escape, is there a suitable fire escape plan on display, fire escape sticker on window/door and adequate fire escape window/door?

  • Do all doors provide keyless exit?

  • Do all understairs cupboard provide 30 minute fire resistance? (Fire door, closer or keep locked shut sign, no holes or gaps in the plaster etc)

  • Is the fire exit route clear of any trip hazards? (Wires, rubbish, clothes airers)

  • Fire blanket in the kitchen

  • Are there any over door hangers on any of the fire doors?

Property Condition

  • Any general maintenance issues?

  • Are all the keys working?

  • Is there any damage to the property due to tenant damage accidental or malicious that requires payment from the tenant

  • Is there any damp evident (photograph)

  • Does the property smell of smoke?

  • Is there a build up of excess bin bags and rubbish (photograph)

  • Is the garden/yard, front and back in good order? (photograph)

  • *May* Are there lots of posters on the wall? If yes where.

  • *May* Are carpets stained or dirty? If yes, where, take photos

  • *May* Are there any deposit deductions in its current state? If yes, where, take photos

  • What is the general property condition?

  • Comments

  • Does the property require a re-inspection?

  • Gas Meter Reading

  • Electric Meter Reading

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