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  • Housekeeping & GMP Audit

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel


  • Gates-Can be secured/locked?

  • Fences-is it Intact with no gaps or holes?

  • Is Concrete relatively clean,free from damage?

  • Smoking area tidy, butts in bin, no rubbish laying around?<br>

  • Outside Storage kept to a minimum, drains are clear, no pooling of water/waste?<br>

  • Dumpsters- Is the rubbish contained, with no visible pest infestations and the site clear of any rubbish lying on the ground?

  • Are the pallets stored in an orderly and safe way, and not obstructive?

  • Is the water tank clear of any obstructions and accesible if needed?

  • Is the boiler room clean and tidy?

  • Is the tanker area clean and tidy?

  • Are the drains clear, with no pooling of water/waste?

  • Are the bait stations/fly units/tin cats present, numbered and undamaged?

  • Bird monitioring- is there any evidence of nesting/roosting around the eaves?

  • Are the lights working and undamaged?

  • Is the building in a good state of repair?


  • Is the reception area clear and tidy with the visitor pass book/passes available?

  • Is the lab clean and tidy?

  • Is the admin kitchen clean and tidy?

  • Are the toilets clean and functional with handwashing facilities in good working order?

  • Are the offices clean and tidy?

  • Is the server room clean and tidy?

Staff Amenities

  • Hand Driers, Toilets, Showers, Lights all Working, Undamaged?<br>

  • Soap Dispensers functional & Filled?<br>

  • Signage undamaged clear, Doors in working order - can be locked?<br>

  • Is the uniform storage clean and tidy?

  • Are the changerooms clean and tidy?

  • Is the fridge clean?

  • Are the kitchen, bench and sink clean and tidy?

  • Is the notice board up to date?


  • Is the handwash basin clear and clean, with the levers operational and warm water?

  • Is there paper towel available?

  • Are the soap dispensers, sanitisers and hand shield filled and operational?

  • Is the hallway floor clean and tidy?

  • Is the safety glasses cleaning station operational, with the dispensers full and wipes available?

  • Is the airlock floor clean and free of unnecessary debris?

  • Are the fly units operational?

  • Are the Lights working and undamaged?

  • Are the doors clean?


  • Office & Culture room Clean and Orderly?

  • Personell Hygiene and GMP in accordance with company Policies?

  • Segregation of cleaning equipment - Cleaning Equipment is stored by colour, and colours are not mixed together?<br>

  • Sanitation & Wash Tubs - Water is Clean, free from foreign particles and Appropriate for washing?

  • Are the sanitising cloths in a good state of repair, unstained with no signs of holes or fraying?

  • Fly Units are operational?

  • House Keeping - Floors, sinks, areas not in use are Sanitised & Clean?

  • Control Panels are free from foreign particles?

  • No leaks from pipes and walls/ceiling i.e. water, product, lubricant: Vats in good Condition?<br>

  • Is the handwash station(s) clean and operational, with warm water?

  • No temporary Fixes : The area is free from tape, card, string, blue tack or other temporary fixes?<br>


  • Chemical Room - Wastage containers correctly/appropriately labelled?

  • Chemical Room- PPE Present, sufficient, clean & stored correctly? <br><br>

  • Housekeeping - Clean & tidy, good ventilation, no spillage on floors?

  • Segregation of cleaning equipment - stored by colour & not mixed together?

  • Sanitation & Wash Tubs - Water is clean & appropriate for washing/Sanitation, without visible residue?

  • Are the sanitising cloths in good state of repair, unstained with no holes or fraying?

  • Fly units operational and Working?

  • GMP in accordance with company Policies?

  • Hairnets/ Beard masks worn properly, no jewellery, no chewing, hands being washed sanitised, correct & clean uniforms

  • Housekeeping- is everything clean and tidy, spillages cleaned up in timely manner, machines clean and sanitised when not in use.

  • Computers, Machines, equipment, No sign of damage, leaking, old product, dirt, rust.<br>

  • Machines in good condition & clean when not in use?

  • Control Panels are free from foreign articles?

  • No evidence of loose FO's : nuts, washer, cable ties, broken items, wrappers, plastic pieces

  • Appropriate use of High Vis, and Pallet usage in accordance with company policies

  • Assembly Area - House keeping: Clean & Tidy ( within work constraints)

  • Storage areas : Clean, orderly, only required items?


  • Lights & fans Working, Undamaged?<br>

  • House Keeping - Clean & Tidy ( within work constraints) ; Spillages cleaned up within a timely manner?<br>

  • Walkways are clear with no obstructions, emergency exists are clear, Floor clean, no unnecessary items on the floor, floor line marking in good condition.

  • Appropriate use of High Vis - In accordance with Company Policies?

  • Warehouse - Office & Amenities : Clean, tidy & Functional?<br>

  • Warehouse - GMP & Housekeeping : In accordance with Company Policies?

  • Pests/ Harbourage - No evidence of of Bird/Other animal presense, nesting or roosting?<br>

  • Bait Stations/ Fly units & Tin cats - Appropriately numbered & accessable?<br>

  • Allergens : Stored in correct allocated storage area?<br>

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