Site Access and General

  • Warning signs, hazard board, etc, clearly displayed and relevant

  • Site access clear and tidy

  • Temp. toilet is clean

  • There is access to clean, freshwater

  • The site is secure

  • Temp. fencing is secure and not falling over

  • The berm area is tidy, no overgrown grass or weeds

Work Area

  • The work area is clean, tidy and clutter-free.

  • There are no unnecessary items in the work area.

Scaffolding, Stairways and Exits

  • Scaffolding, stairways, and exits are unobstructed.

  • There are no debris or unnecessary items on the scaffolding

  • No item is placed around stair or building access

  • Fall barriers in place

Storage Area

  • Storage areas are clean, tidy and organized.

  • Stacked materials are placed on a flat and firm foundation.

  • Physical barriers and warnings signs are installed around workplace hazards (e.g., sharp objects, protruding objects, a hot surface, a floor opening).

Tools, Machine and Equipment

  • Machine and equipment guards are in place and secure.

  • Cords and cables placed safely and not a trip hazard

  • Appropriate PPE in use

Waste Disposal

  • Proper waste bins for general waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste, and so on are provided at work areas to facilitate responsible disposal.

  • Combustible waste is properly disposed of. For example, oily rags are disposed of in closed metal waste bins.

  • Waste (including hazardous waste) is collected regularly so that there is no unnecessary accumulation of waste.

  • A predetermined disposal area has been designated for situations where waste materials (e.g., bulky waste, toxic waste) need to be accumulated till the next waste collection date.


  • Full Name and Signature of the Inspector

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