Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Tenant Details

  • Name

  • Date of birth

  • Address
  • Post code

  • Phone number

  • Alternate contact

  • Email address

  • Reason for referral

  • Name of referrer

  • Present during visit?

  • Tenancy start date?

Propert Details

Property Details

  • General Property Photo

  • Type of property

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Ground Floor

  • First Floor

  • Other

  • Household

External Access

External Access

  • Photo of entrance

  • Description

  • Steps

  • Rails

  • Slopes

  • Communal

  • Door entry system

  • Key safe

  • Sketch

  • Threshold mm

  • Door clear opening width mm

Equipment in situ

Equipment in situ

  • Description

  • Photo

Falls in last month/care line?

  • Description


  • Description


Diagnosis (Date of diagnosis, symptoms, illness, history, treatment, prognosis, hospitalisations, consultant input)

  • Diagnosis

  • Symptoms

  • Treatment

  • Variability

  • Who diagnosed?

  • Date of diagnosis


Diagnosis (Date of diagnosis, symptoms, illness, history, treatment, prognosis, hospitalisations, consultant input)

  • Treatment

  • Symptoms

  • Diagnosis

  • Variability

  • Who diagnosed?

  • Date of diagnosis

Client information

Client information

  • Height cm (As reported by client)

  • Weight Kgs

  • Is weight stable?

  • Is weight increasing?

  • Is weight decreasing?

  • Lower leg measurement cm

Limitations to functions

Limitations to Function (Pain, joints, restrictions of movement, balance, breathlessness, continence, dominant hand, sensation, cognitive, sensory)

  • Limitations to Back

  • Limitations to Upper limbs

  • Limitations to Upper Limbs Right

  • Limitations to Upper Limbs Left

  • Limitations to Lower Limbs Right

  • Limitations to Lower Limbs Left



  • Chair Height cm

  • Bed Height cm

  • Toilet Height cm

  • Photos

Bathing Assessment

Bathing Assessment (Personal Care, Bending/reaching, dressing/undressing, Washing, Hair, Equipment)

  • Bathing Assessment Notes

Assessment of Equipment Trialled

Assessment comments if equipment trialled?

  • Equipment Trialled?

  • Photo of equipment



  • Photo

  • Bathroom Sketch

  • Height of WC cm (Upstairs)

  • Door clear opening mm (Upstairs)

  • Door opening type

  • Height of WC cm (Downstairs)

  • Door clear opening mm (Downstairs)

  • Door opening type

  • Able to operate flush?

  • Independent Toilet Hygiene?

  • Basin Lever Taps?


Kitchen (Suitability to meet clients needs, user profile, hazards)

  • Photo

  • Kitchen Sketch

  • Lever Taps?

Household Tasks

  • Notes


  • Notes


  • Notes

Living Room

Living Room (Suitability to meet clients needs, user profile, hazards)

  • Notes

Control of Environment (Heating, lights, sockets, doors, locks, telephone, contact alarm)

  • Notes

Internal Stairs/Winders/Landing (half/quarter)

  • Photo of stairs

  • Sketch of stairs

Suitable for stairlift/through floor lift/transfer space?

  • Suitable for stair/through floor lift?

  • Notes


General Notes and Summary (Options discussed, other needs identified, advice given, carers support)

  • Notes

Internal Stairs


  • Income Support

  • Pension Credit

  • Universal Credit/ Housing Benefit

  • Council Tax Benefit

  • Incapacity Benefit/ Employment and Support Allowance

  • PIP/ DLA - Care

  • PIP/ DLA - Mobility

  • Pension State/ Occupational


Agreed Action

  • Notes


  • Priority


I give my permission for photos to be taken. I give my consent for information to be shared with relevant medical, social care and housing providers.

  • Tenant

  • Occupational Therapist

  • Date and Time

Westward Wise Account

  • Does Tenant have a Westward WISE account?

  • Would the tenant like to get £10 for keeping a Gas Servicing appointment?

  • Is the Tenant aware they could receive up to £50 a year for paying their rent on time and not being involved in any ASB?

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