1.0 - Security

1.1 - Are adequate locks provided on all external doors and windows?

1.2 - Are all keys registered and records kept identifying people holding them at all times?

1.3 - Is there an alarm system installed and is it functional?

1.4 - Do signs and physical barriers indicate boundaries between public and restricted areas?

1.5 - Is emergency communication (eg duress alarms) provided where appropriate?

1.6 - Are signs clearly visible to indicate security measures are in place?

1.7 - Are emergency procedures and evacuation points are clearly displayed and communicated to staff?

1.8 - Is there restricted public access to objects that could be used as a weapon?

1.9 - Are areas where an intruder could hide are identified and communicated to staff?

1.10 - Are emergency phone numbers and procedures clearly displayed at every telephone?

1.11 - Is there only one public access point in use at night?

1.12 - Is there a safe area for staff where they can quickly and safely access a phone in an emergency?

1.13 - Is there visual access to outside areas near doorways (peep hole, glass panel, CCTV, etc)

1.14 - Have secure cupboards, lockers or drawers have been provided for staff to keep personal items?

1.15 - Are window and door security screens fitted?

1.16 - Is there a register of visitors and contractors kept at reception (as a requirement of entry)?

1.17 - Have staff been provided with a secure area to store their personal property?

1.18 - If cash is kept on the premises, is there a safety process?

2.0 - Floors / Isles / Exits

2.1 - Are entrances and steps in good order?

2.2 - Are entrances, doorways, stairs, ramps and steps free from obstruction?

2.3 - Are handrails installed where appropriate at entrances, exit steps and ramps?

2.4 - Is there disability access throughout the building?

2.5 - Are aisles and walkways free from obstructions? (boxes, rubbish bins, equipment)

2.6 - Are the floor coverings in good order, slip resistant, clean and fit for purpose?

2.7 - Are electrical leads kept clear of aisles and walkways?

2.8 - Are signs available and always placed to indicate wet floors after cleaning?

3.0 - Stairs / Landings / Lifts

3.1 - Is the lighting adequate?

3.2 - Is there good visual contrast between steps?

3.3 - Are there slip resistant strips on all step edges?

3.4 - Are handrails installed and at the appropriate height?

3.5 - Is there minimal variation between step height and step depth (horizontal)?

3.6 - Are stairs and steps clear of obstruction?

3.7 - Are lifts operational and reliable?

3.8 - Are lifts regularly maintained with maintenance logs?

3.9 - Is an emergency alarm or telephone installed in lift/s?

3.10 - Are fire stairs easily accessible?

4.0 - Lighting and Indoor Climate

4.1 - Is lighting for all indoor work sufficient and suitable for work performed?

4.2 - Are all light switches accessible?

4.3 - Are overhead lights shielded to minimise glare?

4.4 - Is the air temperature maintained, quality acceptable and ventilation appropriate?

5.0 - Bathrooms and Toilets

5.1 - Are there adequate toilets for men and women?

5.2 - Have toilets been provided for persons with a disability?

5.3 - Are nappy change facilities are available?

5.4 - Are toilet and bathroom facilities cleaned regularly?

5.5 - Are hand basins and liquid soap available?

5.6 - Have paper towels or air dryers been provided and are they working?

5.7 - Is toilet paper available and are spare rolls available?

5.8 - Have sanitary towel disposal units been provided in women's toilets?

6.0 - Kitchens and Lunch Break Areas

6.1 - Have suitable eating/break facilities been provided?

6.2 - Is food stored appropriately (refrigerated where required)?

6.3 - Are cooking facilities clean and in good working order?

6.4 - Are work benches clean?

6.5 - Are kitchen staff required wear protective clothing and is this enforced?

6.6 - Do kitchen staff wear gloves when handling food?

6.7 - Are the exhaust fans over cooking units functional and clean?

6.8 - Has all electrical equipment been tested and tagged?

6.9 - Are floor surfaces anti-slip, clean from water and grease ?

6.10 - Have procedures for food handling been provided to staff who work in the food services industry?

6.11 - Is the dishwasher, microwave, and other appliances regularly cleaned?

6.12 - Is paper towel available?

6.13 - Are the tea towels regularly washed?

7.0 - General Housekeeping

7.1 - Are appropriate containers provided for sharps disposal?

7.2 - Are carpets regularly vacuumed?

7.3 - Are materials and equipment stored safely?

7.4 - Are procedures in place for cleaning up spills and breakages?

8.0 - Hazardous Substances

8.1 - Is the ChemAlert Stock Holdings sheet up to date?

What was the date the ChemAlert stockholding was last updated?

8.2 - Are there procedures in place for the proper disposal of chemicals?

8.3 - Are all chemicals clearly labelled?

8.4 - Are fire extinguishers (correct type) located close to chemical storage?

8.5 - Is an appropriate spills kit available?

Who is responsible for restocking of spills kit?

8.6 - Are dangerous goods/ flammable storage cabinets correctly installed and being used for all hazardous substances?

8.7 - Do all staff know how to access ChemAlert?

9.0 - Storage

9.1 - Are floors in storage areas free from rubbish and packaging materials?

9.2 - Is lighting appropriate in storage areas?

10.0 First Aid and Emergency Response

10.1 - Are staff aware of the requirements for first aid and emergency response (dial 000) in this facility?

10.2 - Are staff aware of how to complete an incident report form?

10.3 - Is there a risk register on site?

11.0 - Workstations and Office Furniture

11.1 - Is all furniture is in a stable and unbroken condition?

11.2 - Are all isles free from furniture and clutter?

11.3 - Are computer and other cables stored where they will not present a trip hazard?

11.4 - Are desks are free from clutter and have staff adopted good housekeeping practices?

11.5 - Have footrests been provided for staff where needed?

11.6 - Have chairs been purchased/provided that suit individual workers requirements?

11.7 - Is the Safety Policy being displayed in staff area?

12.0 - Electrical Equipment

12.1 - Are switchboards and electrical equipment in good, safe condition?

12.2 - Has an RCD been installed?

12.3 - Have all electrical cords been tested and tagged?

12.4 - Are plugs, sockets and switches in safe places and free from obvious defects?

12.5 - Are electrical cords secured behind skirting or pinned onto skirting boards so as not to create a trip hazard?

12.6 - Has an adequate number of power points been provided (no double adapters)?

12.7 - Are all electrical cords secured so as to not expose them to moisture?

12.8 - Have Lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) procedures been communicated to staff for electrical equipment? (BEMS only)

13.0 - Have safe rooms bee provided for staff?

13.1 - Is there another exit from the room other than the entry?

13.2 - Has a telephone been provided for staff use?

13.3 - Have safe room procedures been communicated to staff?

13.4 - Does the safe room have a door handle that can be pulled closed and locked?

14.0 - Fire Exits

14.1 - Are all smoke detectors and alarms appropriately located and in working order?

14.2 - Are all fire exits easily assessable and free from clutter?

14.3 - Have staff been trained in the use of fire appliances?

14.4 - Are test dates on fire extinguishers in date?

14.5 - Has an emergency fire evacuation drill been completed?

What was the date of last fire evacuation drill?

14.6 - Was staff participation in last fire evacuation exercise documented (staff names and signatures?)

14.7 - Are the fire wardens clearly identified, trained and known to staff?

15.0 - Noise

15.1 - Has hearing protection been provided for staff in high noise areas?

15.2 - Has noisy equipment been isolated from staff?

16.0 - Residential Facilities Only

16.1 - Are house rules displayed and are they understood by residents and staff?

16.2 - Are visitors advised of house rules and do they comply?

16.3 - Is there a facility drug and alcohol policy and is it displayed and enforced?

16.4 - Do residents comply with curfew requirements?

16.5 - Are residents and staff aware of emergency procedures?

16.6 - Is house hygiene and cleaning satisfactory throughout the residential environment?

17.0 - External Environment - Vehicle Parking

17.1 - Is there adequate lighting in all car park areas?

17.2 - Do staff working after dark have access to parking that is close to the building?

17.3 - Does the landscaping provide minimal or no locations for intruders to hide?

17.4 - Is the carpark entrance and exit clearly marked?

17.5 - Is the carpark surface free from potholes, cracks and other trip hazards?

17.6 - Are drainage grates in good order and free from debris?

17.7 - Are traffic and speed restriction signs clearly visible and free from obstruction?

17.8 - Are pedestrian crossings safe and clearly marked?

17.9 - Are all "no parking " areas clearly marked?

17.10 - Is there a designated and safe "disabled parking " area?

17.11 - Have emergency and service vehicle parking areas been designated (is line marking good)?

17.12 - Have all staff completed online driver safety?

17.13 - Is the required direction of traffic clearly indicated?

17.14 - Are all intersections clearly marked?

18.0 - External Environment - Building Perimeter

18.1 - Are building entrances and exits clearly marked?

18.2 - Is an external duress alarm fitted?

18.3 - Is the surface of pathways even and free from potholes, cracks and tripping hazards?

18.4 - Do all pathways provide continuous, free and clear passage? (no obstacles, equipment or vegetation)

18.5 - Do all pathways have anti-slip surfaces?

18.6 - Have all steps and changes in level been clearly defined and indicated?

18.7 - Are all pathways adequately lit?

18.8 - Are all waste bins regularly emptied?

18.9 - Are all windows secure and unbroken?

18.10 - Have childproof locks been fitted to gates where required?

18.11 - Are opening/closing times are clearly visible from the outside?

18.12 - Are all walls, gates and fences in good condition without gaps or protrusions?

I9.0 - External Environment - Shade

19.1 - Have staff that are exposed to prolonged sun exposure been provided with skin, head and eye protection?

20.0 - External Environment - Outdoor Garden Area

20.1 - Are gardens safely maintained with no overhanging dead or loose branches, lawns mowed, cuttings removed?

20.2 - Are gardens free of sharp objects (glass, metal, wood, sharps, etc)?

21.0 - Emergency and Risk Control

21.1 - Is the emergency evacuation area clearly marked?

21.2 - Are emergency procedures clearly displayed in the workplace?

21.3 - Have evacuation routes for people with a disability been identified?

21.4 - Is there a procedure in place to handle bomb threats?

21.5 - Is there a procedure in place to ensure everyone (clients, visitors, contractors, staff) is accounted for during an evacuation?

22.0 - Occupational Violence

22.1 - Has the VAMP been completed with sufficient control measures?

Date of last VAMP
Sign Off

Name of Manager

Sign off by Manager (if relevant)

Name of HSR

Sign off by Health and Safety Representative (if relevant)

Name of Assessor

Sign off by Assessor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.