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  • This risk assessment should be completed jointly by the new and expectant mother and a supervisor/manager. The assessment should be reviewed throughout the pregnancy tied in with GP information and at the request of the new and expectant mother.
    The information gathered is used to compile a general risk assessment to ensure that the level of risk is acceptable and any follow up actions managed.

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Movement and posture

  • Do work activities involve awkward twisting or stretching

  • Does the NEM need to stand for long periods of time without a break

  • Does the NEM have to sit for long periods of time without a break

  • Is there sufficient space within the workplace without restrictions

Manual handling

  • Do work activities involve twisting stooping or stretching to lift objects

  • Do work activities involve lifting pushing or pulling of heavy loads

  • Do work activities involve repetitive lifting of objects

  • Do work do work activities involve lifting objects that are difficult or cumbersome to grasp or hold

PPE and uniform

  • Are adequate/suitable sizes of PPE/uniforms available

Hazardous substances/cross contamination

  • Are hazardous substances used at work known to be of risk to the NEM

  • Are there any infectious risks in the workplace undertaken by the NEM

Working time

  • Is the NEM expected to work long hours or overtime

  • Does the NEM have some flexibility and choice over her working hours

  • Do work activities involve very early starts or late finishes

  • Does the work involve overnight shifts

Work related stress

  • Is the NEM aware of what to do if she believes she is being bullied harassed or victimised

  • Has the individual risk assessment taken into account any concerns the woman has about her own pregnancy such as medical condition

  • Are there work activities which are known to be particularly stressful, for example dealing with irate customers

  • Are colleagues and supervisors supportive toward the pregnant worker

Environmental conditions

  • Do work activities involve exposure to uncomfortably cold/hot temperatures below 16c above 27c

  • Is there sufficient lighting around the workspace of the NEM


  • Is there somewhere suitable and quiet for the NEM to rest or lie down

  • Is the NEM provided with easy access to toilets and allowed sufficient breaks when needed

  • Is there suitable welfare facilities for the NEM to comfortably sit and have her breaks for food and drink

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