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  • Site conducted

  • This is a full site inspection undertaken by a visiting Director or Senior Manager and is a records of what is observed during the visit.

  • Project Client

  • Conducted on

  • Project Contract Name & Number

  • Company Position

  • Location
  • Personnel on site

Instructions For Completion.

  • 1. Any Failed Responses MUST Be Followed Up By "Assigning An Action" to ensure that the Failed Response(s) Are Followed Up & Closed Out. 2. This Request a) What Is To Be Done, b) The E-Mail Address Of The Assignee (Contracts Manager/Project Manager/Site Manager/Assistant Site Manager c) The Priority Level d) The Date By Which Close Out Action Is Required By Are To Be Included. 3. Click The "Create Action" & It Will Be Sent Via E-Mail To The Assignee. 4. Photos May Be Added Via The Media Option. 5. The "Add Notes" Option Can Be Used To Add Any Necessary Comments, Including Positive Comments (which are to be encouraged). Do Not Just Focus On Negative Findings. Most Of All " DONT WALK BY" Positive Intervention Is A Must At All Times.
    The Scoring System Is Explained Here -
    10 Points = Best Practice. 8.5 Points = Compliant. 4 Points = Below Compliant.
    0 Points = Non-Compliant.

1. Asbestos & Demolition (Dismantling Works)

2. Confined Spaces

3. COVID-19

4. Excavations

5. Existing Services (Underground / Overhead)

6. Fire Risk Management

7. Lifting Operations

8. Plant & Equipment

9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

10. Storage Of Materials

11. Site Office Set Up

12. Site Security

13. Temporary Electrical Installations (Cabins & Site Temps)

14. Temporary Works (Stability Of Structures)

15. Traffic Management

16. Work At Height

17. Occupational Health Hazards

18. Welfare Facilities

19. Worker Engagement

20. Failed Responses

  • Have All Failed Responses From Previous Inspections Been Closed Out?

  • Have All Failed Responses From This Inspection Been Identified & Follow Up Actions Identified With Realistic Timescales For Close Out?

Additional Comments & Photos

  • Insert Additional Comments Here (where necessary) & Add Photos Not Already Included In The Report.

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  • Name & Signature Of Inspector

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  • Name & Signature Of Site Representative

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